A Few of Our Favorite Things

September 30, 2011  

We asked our Facebook fans, ’What’s your dog’s favorite toy? Is there anything you love that’s super tough and really lasts?’

Kongs and Nylabones were popular as well as Jolly Balls and Unbreakoballs. Some just wanted to play with another dog or cat … or you, their best friend! Thanks everyone for sharing!

Photo by (above and below) Melissa Lipani

Just a hollow bone, because anything else my pit lovingly destroys.

~ Drake Deviant

Black Kongs and hollow bones. They love rope toys, but those never last.

~ Theresa Mergl

An orange zanie. It’s a stuffed orange thing that no longer has any fuzz on it because JC ate the fuzz…LOL

~ Michele Sebesto

Our dog has this rubber chicken he loves it. We have gone through tons of them. He carries it around, licks it like a puppy, sleeps with it…tell him to go get the rubber chicken and he gets real excited! Lol!

~ Danielle Kuhn

Mack loves the Good Cuz/Bad Cuz balls by JW. They are really durable and make honking noises.

~ Allison Johnson

The one toy we have had a really long time is the Nylabone. He chews on it at least once a day. Big thick ropes come in second place. Other than that I get squeaky dollar toys at Walmart and he destroys them that day…but oh does he love to get a new toy.

~ Cassy Lemon

My two (pit and aussie/chow) love their red Kong bone. It is the only toy that has lasted in our house. They play tug with it and can chew on it for hours and it looks like new!

~ Stacey Clark

Jolly ball! ~ Melissa Pryor

Our dogs love Jolly Balls, Jolly Ball Teaser (their favorite…the ball within the ball!), the Buster Cube, and of course Kongs…The Jolly Ball Teasers have seemed to be their indestructible perennial favorite! With Buster Cube (and playing “find it” with Buster being their favorite game to play with a toy.

~ Woof Slc

These Tuffy rings really are indestructible – my dogs a nut.

~ KrisTeena Sunshine

The large bone shape toy by Kong. Zeke carries it around everywhere. People laugh when they see him coming down the street with the thing in his mouth.

~ Nan Ellis

Jolly Eggs and Push N Plays! Here is a video we just made starring two of our dogs and their Jolly Egg!

~ K9 Muscle

Unbreakoball – best dog toy ever! Neither of my pitties want any other toy and bought one a year ago and will never have to buy another one.

~ Ryan Wiseman

Tala loves this squeaky duck toy she carries it everywhere and will cuddle with it at night.

~ April Dooley

My 10 &1/2-year-old girl really likes her large bottle puzzle toy. I put goodies in it and she’s a happy girl, whips the thing around, tips it, drags it around by the rope until every last goodie is devoured!!

~ Rose Mitman

Other than Kongs (which I still replace pretty frequently), the GoughNut has been far and away the best investment in toys I’ve made! I have dogs that shred red Kongs, Jolly Ball toys, Cuz toys, Bumi toys, and pretty much everything else! We’ve had the Goughnut for a year now and you can barely tell how loved it is unless you look closely, and it’s still far from being destroyed! Other than those, the bigger the bones I can find, the better! Galileo bones are great, and Nylabone makes some big tough bones that the dogs love. I also regularly buy marrow bones at the grocery which are a big hit. Rope toys are a blast for supervised play!

~ Erin Powers

Mocha always has to bring a toy upstairs with her when I tell her it’s bedtime. It’s usually her fuzzy squeaky bone or her unstuffed duck. Then she’ll dive under the bed and incessantly squeak it until I grab it and toss it across the room.

~ Dustin May

The slingshot ball! (photo above) She’s on her second one now – they last awhile as long as I get it before she starts snacking on it! Jolly Balls are great too!

~ Tracey Thompson

My son’s balls that he leaves in the back yard!!

~ Jaime Randomshit Ortiz

We have a Bumi for our dogs and it has proven to be indestructible.

~ DeAnna Cantrell Woerner

I bought my 5-month-old pittie a Kong Wobbler Rabbit – thinking it would last. Unfortunately, the ears seem to be mysteriously missing.

~ Dianne Stathum

My two pitties Rayne and Storm absolutely love a heavy duty rope to play with in the yard! Rayne (15 months) will play tug-a-war with Storm (4 months), though she will pull him all over the yard, he never lets go of that rope.

~ Sara Smith

Eight-month Oakley loves Bully Sticks, and any stuffed toy . . . the bones last a few days (he only chews in the morning, for a half hour or so). Stuffed toys last a couple of weeks if we’re lucky. He isn’t into the Kong yet, but we’re working on it!

~ Nicole Kuszynski

Biff destroys everything except for this little eagle (photo right) and a goose that’s about the same size…

~ Kt Morris

Lady loves balls- tennis balls are her favorite, but the felt has already worn her canines down nearly to the nerve, so they’re out. The Think Geek K9 glow-in-the-dark LED ball toy is a big hit with all the dogs at night. Our Pithuahua loves to snatch the ball away from his big sisters and play keep-away, but doesn’t do fetch. Scully, our littlest dog (7 lbs. of Porkshire) plays soccer with the smaller balls, and loves to do the death-shake.

~ Anne Balduf

My pittie likes all Kongs, but her favorite toys are her ropies which over time become big wads of thread and tree limbs and my horses’ large Jolly Ball.

~ Ann Marie Walker

Sticks, lots and lots of sticks. But she doesn’t eat them, just chews them into mulch.

~ Ann Coleman

Our dogs always loved empty plastic water bottles.

~ Catherine Jennerjohn Wolf

I have four Mastiffs and the only toys that have really stood the test of time are Tuffy Toys (they are especially fond of the pig) and Jungle Balls by Boomer Balls!

~ Maria Ruoto

Kongs, shoes and hats.

~ Richele Elehcir

Romeo LOVES stuffed animals with squeakers as well as rope toys, but he destroys them so quickly. If you consider socks, blankets, or anything of that nature to be “toys,” he likes those the most. The only toy that has made it over three years and two pit bulls later is the Kong ball.

~ Jesslyn Barriault

I don’t think there is anything that Brewster can’t destroy if he puts his mind to do so, but a Kong is a challenge to him. His favorite was a rubber, yellow, pink polka-dotted pig that oinked when it was squeaked. He could have easily destroyed it, but just carried it around and gently played with it. Our other dog got it one day and ripped it open and pulled the insides out. Brewster mourned his piggy for two days.

~ Bill Love

Nylabones and Kongs. Both are great for our two! (photo above)

~ Micaela Myers

The only toys that last around our house are the gigantic black Kongs and Incrediballs. The only toys that last with our five dogs and worth every penny!

~ Lori Klimas Burkett

I have a 2-year-old bully and she can’t destroy a chuckit ball, they come in three sizes and they have to be the rubber one (not the tennis ball) and she has had the same ones for the last two years. They are perfect for the pool!!!!

~ Angie Baldwin

The ONLY toys Officer Murphy hasn’t managed to immediately destroy are his XXL black Kong and (surprisingly) his large “Chuckit! Ultra” ball… his ball is his favorite thing ever. He can lie there and chew on it for hours.

~ Mélissa Keays

I had an Unbreakoball, but my pit didn’t like it so I gave it to my friends pit, and he loves it. My girl enjoys her Kongs, but only when they are properly stuffed and frozen (NO she is NOT spoiled at all! hahahaha). She loves her Nylabones, cow femurs, and her stuffed toys. I get them cheap from the dollar store, garage sales, and the Salvation Army store. She has learned when I say don’t tear it to stop ripping it apart… Now she has several left from Christmas ’09!! But her favorite thing ever to play with is another dog. Now she has a 4 lb. mutt puppy to play with and is in heaven.

~ Danielle Lippincott

My roommate’s puppy – Chance has been tossing him around for 7 months and he hasn’t broken him yet!

~ Rachel Norris

Everlasting fun ball from PetSmart or Dog.com. (4) PitBull tested, mother approved.

~ Michelle D Flood

Each other ♥ ~ Lark McIntosh

I am my dog’s favorite toy. She climbs all over me like a jungle gym. If that doesn’t satisfy her, she goes looking for the cat.

~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

Hollow bone and red Kong both take a couple of weeks to destroy.

~ Elaine Taylor

My female Stafford had a little stuffed bird that could chirp and she’d carry it around in her mouth. When it would chirp she’d come running into the room and pick it up and lay with it and lick it. And whenever someone comes home both dogs pick up and carry a shoe around in their mouth for about 5 minutes and are happy crying and wiggly (they never chew on the shoes). They mostly just play with the Kong though. It’s really funny when my boy barks with the Kong in his mouth.

~ Richele Elehcir

I have a 1-year-old blue bully-girl, her favorite toy, and the one thing that lasts longer than five minutes, is raw, frozen bones. They are kind of high priced, but they last for easily a month.

~ Kori Neilsen

Kong Frisbee. Our pit LOVES it and she cannot destroy it like she does everything else.

~ April McCall

I unwound some rope from work, then braided the three strands back together and tied the ends. It lasts forever, and when it starts coming apart, I just retie the ends.

~ Reed Rotondo

Coconuts from the grocery store!! Brutus just loves them and it’s the best $1.99 you’ll ever spend!!

~ Helene Athanasatos Barry

Flying squirrel for water activities (canvas frisbee-esque toy) and giant Nylabones and black Kongs for indoor use. Of course a big, fat tug rope though these are shredded in no time leaving strings all around the house — anyone have tips for that?

~ Amanda Taylor

Melvin likes empty gallon water bottles the best. He kicks them around in the house, then jumps on and slides across the tile. Really loud sometimes. Gear, my Dobie/Dane always carries something around in her mouth, usually a tennis ball or a bone. My blue heeler, Lola, wants whatever the other two dogs have!! They all like an old tank top that I tied in a knot. That’s our “inside” tug and throw toy. “Real” toys don’t last long here!!

~ Shirley Alcamo

Photo by Melissa Liapni
My pitty isn’t interested in any toy that she can’t rip apart. We’re working with her to learn how to enjoy them for more than a few minutes. She’s up to keeping them “intact” for a few months now!

~ Tanaya Burnham-Delorey

Toys haven’t been lasting very long at my house. It’s not my pitties that are destroying them – it’s my foster guy (Lab/Shar Pei mix). Sadly, he’s been teaching the others how to trash them, and they are being good students. I had never heard of Jungle Balls, Gougnuts, Bad Cuz, or Bumi’s. Thanks everyone! Maybe we’ll have some toys that last for a while now (fingers crossed).

~ Janine Hudson

Rozzy loves Kongs with peanut butter, whichever pair of my favorites shoes she can get her paws on (Choo toys), and Nylabones because they last forever!

~ Kris Tree

Nylabone and marrow bones are the only things that last in my house. Though my tripod will do anything for the rope toy we hang in the tree. And I have the funniest video of two of the kids playing with a heart shaped plush toy that kept saying “I love you. I love you.” Lol. It’s too funny. I managed to save the voice box from that one.

~ Rachel Brown Richards

I always pick up a $0.25 stuffed animal whenever I go to the thrift store. She loves snuggling with her stuffies almost as much as she loves tearing them apart, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. Rope bones are also a big hit, and they keep her teeth nice and clean. We also knot up denim from old jeans and they make great tug toys.

~ Laura Cooke

Only Nylabones last here with two pitties. Second is the super tough Kongs (the black ones). Everything else is destroyed within minutes.

~ Anastasia Hedy Widiarsih

The Nylabones are about the only thing that my girl bully can’t destroy in an hour or so!

~ Jeffery Patterson

Nothing can compare to a tennis ball or nice big branch!! ~ Amber Mummert Wolf

Jackson loves the “chuck it ultra balls” – he chews them like gum for hours. Also the large Nylabone. He goes through one every year. Usually he shapes it into a very sharp stake, so although he could chew longer, it gets a little dangerous. His favorite though, is a multi-chambered squeaker snake. There are about 10 -12 squeakers and he loves the sounds and shaking it as hard as he can.

~ Kristina Drobocky

Zack loves his balls, but I think his favorite toy is whatever another dog is playing with at that time!!!

~ Anita Elias

My Emmy is a “Mommy” through and through. She will collect all her stuffed animals (left behind by my grown children) and put them in a circle in the living room…the sunniest room in the house, and sit in the middle licking and tending to each of them. Her newest “baby” is a disabled ZuZu pet. It does not move anymore, but makes all the sounds. She will lick it and nudge it forward.

~ Carolyn Hansen

Kong brand rubber ball. Stands up to the chewing and a great fetchin’ toy.

~ Sarah Westcott

I have yet to find a toy my girl can’t destroy. Kongs last a few hours, Nylabones a few weeks. She once had a racquet ball gone in 5 hours. So we usually just give her beef femurs or ice cubes.

~ Sarabeth Tolbert

Any of the Planet Dog Orbee stuff stands up well to my pitties as do the Galileo bones by Nylabone.

~ Gia Trapani

Mine love the Elk antlers. They do last forever and my dogs seem to love them. In fact, my one wanted to take his outside – which is the only toy he tried that with. LOL!

~ Jennifer Turner

His brand new Orbee tuff football! The soccer ball has lasted months and he is a huge chewer.

~ Sarah Maslanka

Photo by Melody McFarland
Galileo bone is the only one I’ve found that lasts most than a day.

~ Julianne Bassett Stickle

My pittie doesn’t play with toys, but the ONLY thing she LOVES is her squeaky Kong tennis balls! Those things last forever, even though they’re gross. But she’s not much of a chewer.

~ Bully Paws on Etsy

His red Kong ball, he cannot poop or pee without it in his mouth. The red Kong lasts him forever. The only time it needs to be replaced is if it gets lost in the house or yard.

~ Vanessa Hedrick Melchert

My 8-month-old pup LOVES her soccer ball…which she stole from my kids. So far she hasn’t been able to pop it….she also likes sand toys but we end up throwing them out almost immediately.

~ Eileen Enright Gromlowicz

The cardboard middle of the toilet paper or paper towel roll- and they’ll shed the whole roll to get it. One time I forgot to put away one of those giant packs of toilet paper from Sam’s Club…when I opened the door- it looked like it had been snowing in the play room.

~ Tess Purvis


~ Tom Hamlett

Our boy, Turner, just loves his rope as tug is his very favorite game. My husband I need armor for when he whips that rope around, though!

~ Melanie Keller

We use lacrosse balls for our pit. She loves them and they last longer than any other ball from the store. Plus they come in a six pack of fun colors!

~ Tara Evers

Inside, her rope toy for tug-of-war (and, no, “winning” does not make her more aggressive or dominant); outside, a big stick (small log) she’s been carrying around for a couple of months now. She also likes the Kong donut. (photo right)

~ Cathy Ludlum Foos

My pitty loves rope toys, but we always have to replace them. His longest lasting toy is a huge dog toy that in the shape of a tire…it’s super fun to roll it around and have Harley chase it!

~ Crystal Kreager

We buy Goliath packs of cheap socks. We tie a knot in the socks and give them to him one at a time. He loves to rip them apart and play tug of war. It’s more economical than buying actual dog toys because he destroys them too fast.

~ Jen Chess

We love lacrosse balls they are the same size as a tennis ball and solid rubber. It’s been a month and so far he hasn’t been able to destroy it.

~ Lisa Hopewell

Roxy’s favorite toys are ones that sing. She has a Tweedle Dee shark that sings and they are the only toys she won’t destroy. She cherishes them so much she will carry it around the house then have it sing to the other cats and dogs to make them jealous.
A super tough toy that’s been durable for Roxy are: Nylabones, Kongs, and the super tire toys.

~ Wendy Yang

A favorite for both our pit bull and Chi mixes is Fido Bone – Nylon Tuff… They last forever and seem to taste better than Nylabone.

~ Michelle Oxley

Hmm, favorite toy??? It would have to be anything he can steal from the kids. And when he does accomplish this, he prances through the house with it in his mouth.

~ Sheila Hoogestraat West

Christy is an Elderbull. She loves anything she can destroy, such as Wubbas, Kong tennis balls, Petco tennis balls. She also likes her Drs Foster and Smith Snuggle Dog Toy, a dog named Scout. She shares Scout with her 5-month-old kitten, Leo. They are both trying hard to destroy it, but so far Scout is winning.

~ Mary Alice Strang

I got my tough little brat a 10 inch plastic ball (try “The Best Ball” or “Push&Play” for example). She entertains herself playing soccer and balancing it on her nose like a seal! She’s had one for three months now and hasn’t chewed through it yet.

~ Carol Rubin

Photo by Melissa Lipani
Alex’s favorite toy is the 6-month-old terrier puppy! He makes the neatest noises when they play! Alex will get down on his belly to play with an 8 lbs. puppy and they both have a blast. The pup loves it and Alex loves finally having someone to play with!!

~ Nichole Ryan Staib

I absolutely love the chicken flavored Nylabones (large). They have withstood Storm’s chewing crave and have lasted her over three months so far. The others love it too so I bought two more.

~ Allisha Christianson

One dog loves wood (logs, stumps, sticks, twigs); she races around proudly with them then chews them up and poops sawdust held together with a bit of poo. The other dog’s favorite toys are the two kittens. He pounces on them and wrestles with them and gets most of their little bodies into his mouth. Then they lick his ears and he power grooms them with a tongue as long as their tails.

~ Turtle Le Pup

There’s only one large rubber Kong bone that has withstood the pitty’s jaws for years.

~ Jamie Desiderio Thomas

The Kong Wubba is great for playing fetch…unless you have a dog that likes to chase and chew. Our oh-so-sweet pup chewed off a canvas tail and swallowed it. After a call to the Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center on N. Clybourn (LOVE those guys), Mr. Bonzer got the hydrogen peroxide treatment. He’d already eaten a chunk of tennis ball and gotten a bowel obstruction (which cost $3K), so we were pretty jumpy about him eating anything but his own food. The Vet was great. They told us what to do rather than telling us to rush him in. They’ll always have our business in an emergency. They’re great!

~ Brian Moe

Mine loves anything! I nanny for two boys and if they leave any of their stuffed animals around my boy Kane, 11 months, will pick them up! So far he has an alligator, a puppy with squeaky legs, a black Kong, a Nylabone, a squeaky duck and he’s already destroyed his rubber newspaper, a hoof and two bully sticks in less than a day.

~ Mæ Garlejo

Tuffy brand stuffed toys from My Dog Toy. My pits tear up all other stuffed toys, but not these! Also, they are rated 1-10 for toughness so you can pick the level you need for the more and less aggressive chewers. My dogs love them and I pick up virtually no “baby guts” (stuffing).

~ Amy Burns

Dirt bike tire.

~ Gary Fitzsimons-Karen Fitzsimons
Kongs and Kong Wobbler. ~ Kd Allison

Tennis ball, actually anything she can chase and then destroy.

~ Mimi Lene

My husband’s shoes and they love my hair clips.

~ Jesse-Danica Nava

Elk antler!

~ Sherri Rogers

Bella’s favorite is a squeaky toy that looks like a baked potato!

~ Alexandra Baerg

Kong’s red rubber ball, and large red and black Kongs are the only thing my pit bull can’t destroy. Her Kong ball is her pacifier!

~ Christy Moore

Our 7-month-old APBT destroys anything soft, stuffed, or rubber squeak toys in under 20 minutes. But what stands up to her chewing are her Nylabones and the black extreme original Kong and the extreme Kong ball. Also those braided felt “ropes” will last at least a couple days.

~ Donna Lytle Johnson

There is NO toy that survives my boys more than 30 minutes unless it is one they particularly cherish. Their new cherished toys are geckos with puncture proof squeakers. They love their geckos and carry them around 24/7.

~ Kirsten Thompson

Favorite in my household: a stuffed and frozen “busy buddy” disk toy; a fleece scarf which I have cut into strips and knotted/braided and the ever so yummy smelling bully sticks (gag).

~ Anke Roepke

My Payton loves the Kong Wubba and the Ultimate Ring. The Wubba has a big squeaky ball and four tails for tugging. The ring has a bunch of squeakers. She likes to pick it up at the “donut hole” edge, flip it up over her snooty-snoot and look around. It looks funny, we laugh, she does it again. We call her “Donut-Head” when she does this…

~ Beth Herren

Echo the Deaf Pittie mix LOVES his Chuckit balls and his JAWZ discs!!

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

The hard bones w the marrow in the middle have lasted years. Of course they’re rock solid! I recently found a squeaky ball at Walmart Hartz duraplay. It bounces and squeaks extremely loud and she hasn’t yet put any holes in it. Can’t beat the $5 price tag!!!

~ Melissa Foti

My dogs favorite toy is her Frisbee. The Flippy Flopper Frisbee works the best for us and lasts the longest. I order them off E-bay.

~ Diana Larson

My dog’s new toy is a tire. Yes, a car tire.

~ Sara Widmer-Gresser

Kongs and peanut butter!!

~ Lisa Wright

Sadie is a sweetie and loves her stuffed animals. She brings them to me when I come home! (a trick that Rocco learned from her). She never tears anything up. He on the other hand, likes to rip things up. The Tuffy toys are great as far as stuffed toys go. They can withstand a lot. As far as chewing Rocco loves his Nylabone souper. Only the original shaped one, though! I tried buying the Galileo and a few others but he insists on burying those (in the house). He will only chew that one style!! So funny.

~ Valerie Pitbullmama Wilson

Kong Wobbler!

~ Kevin Knabe

Our Beagle/Pit mix loves toys that he can rip apart…especially if they have squeakers in them. Those are fun to find and destroy as well. He had an “indestructible” toy made out of fir ehose material that lasted 10 minutes. So now, he gets a) a rope, b) a raw bone, and c) a BLACK Kong (the red one didn’t cut it). Treats can be shoved in the Kong and in the bone, so it gives him something to do for a while.

~ Brian Moe

Threaded rope with a ball on it.

~ Nicholas Hamilton

Cow Hooves.

~ Lisa Lockard Lewis

Kong Wubba!

~ Kristoffer Land

My other dog!

~ Kitty Kitsch-Barnett

My dog Lucy has a very special favorite toy, her big brother Polo! She’s a 3 year old pit bull and Polo is a 12 year old boxer. Given their age difference, Lucy’s idea of playing is a bit different than Polo’s. She still tries every day to get him to rough house with no luck! Still, Lucy loves him so much, she’s happy doing whatever he does!

~ Eryn Franchini

The Bob-a-Lot has been pretty bully-proof with my pups…

~ Angie Stoll

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3 Responses to “A Few of Our Favorite Things”
  1. The only toy or ball that has proved to be indestructible is the chuck it Ultra Tennis ball (it’s orange and blue) you can it at PetSmart; all other toys have been destroyed. Sasha LOVES the big tires with the rope (tug war) is her favorite toy. Krusher’s favorite toy is the Nylabone.

  2. laffin1 says:

    I live with two pitties and a puggle and the puggle is more destructive when it comes to toys. Favorite toys for all of them are plush squeaky toys. Since I don’t enjoy picking up stuffing, I only get toys with a minimum of filler. One toy they all particularly liked was a Kong snake plush toy. Minimal stuffing, the requisite squeakers and lots of fun for tossing around or playing tug. We’ve been through two of them so far.

  3. RachelGovernale says:

    I have a toy: DuraChew® Double Action® Dental Chew by nylabone, it has blue rubber with large cone like bristles and the plastic bone shape on each end, it is the ONLY thing I have found that my pit LOVES and lasts for atleast 6 months or more. I would definitely recommend it.