Nine Lives – Part VI

August 9, 2011  

A mama pit and her eight puppies were set to be euthanized in June – here, we bring you their story

By Lori Jolly

In Part I of this story, we chronicled Lori’s decision to save a mama dog and her eight puppies. You can read Part II, Part III , Part IV and Part V here on StubbyDog. In Part VI, Lori shares the latest struggles and joys of fostering a family.

When my phone rang early Tuesday morning, and I saw Tonia’s name on the caller ID, my heart sunk. (Tonia is foster mom to two of the puppies.) At that moment I wanted to do anything other than hear what she was going to tell me; I didn’t need to answer to know why she was calling at this early hour.

Bowie had been rushed to the Animal Medical Center in El Cajon; he was having a very hard time breathing along with other serious issues. He was immediately put on oxygen and given a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, he had a bad reaction to the plasma, which caused his temperature to spike, so they took him off the plasma and began giving high dosages of antibiotics and steroids. His temperature came down, and he was given a synthetic plasma that most dogs don’t have a reaction to.

Sweet Bowie was on life supporting measures for 24 hours before we were told that his little body was trying to let go and that we should let him. We certainly didn’t want him to suffer, so with very heavy hearts we said goodbye to our little Bobo.

He, just like Cody, tested negative for parvo. The vet thought it was strange that Crockett died as fast and in the same way that he did. Distemper was mentioned as a possibility, but the majority of signs still pointed to parvo, and the vet thought that maybe a new and different strain had surfaced that wasn’t showing up on the test.

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was calling Tonia and telling her that we had once again lost the fight. Such sadness. We miss you so much and love you even more, sweet, sweet Bowie. I know you just wanted to keep playing with Crockett. Don’t you give him and Cody too much hell, little man! Save a place for me; we will all be together again one day. Until then I hope you all enjoy your frolic in the sunshine.

Girl Power

The sadness, and worry, is now (hopefully) behind us, and as much as we loved the little ones we lost, it’s time to move on to happier days. Say a little prayer that girl power continues: Annie and Janie have stayed healthy throughout all of this.

Jane has been with Tonia for the last two weeks, and I miss her like crazy. She is the clown of the litter and keeps everyone laughing at her antics! It’s impossible to stay sad watching her play with her brothers and sister. Sometimes she runs so fast trying to catch up with the boys that her big baby belly can’t keep up with her back legs, her gait turns into a sideways crab crawl and more often than not, mean ol’ Mr. Gravity takes over from there!

Annie has decided that she likes being petted and held almost as much as she does playing. When she sees me step outside, she comes running as fast as she can to jump into my lap. Her favorite playmate is Wyatt, and they will play for hours on end, especially if Scarlett is with them.

Miss Scarlett and the Boys

Scarlett is such a patient mother, and she loves her babies so much. She lets them climb on her, jump on her, grab her cheeks and neck, and just basically be little brats! She had to draw the line somewhere though, and she has finally let them know that she won’t tolerate them trying to nurse anymore. She most vigorously protects that line in the sand and puts each puppy sternly into place when they try to cross it. Scarlett has turned into a beautiful dog – her red coat becomes deeper in color and shinier as each week goes by. Her true personality shows more all the time. It turns out she is quite a silly girl and sometimes acts as much like a puppy as her babies do!

Hucky is completely spoiled little meerkat now. I spent so much time laying with him while he was sick that now, to my husband’s dismay, he not only thinks my bed is his, but my pillow as well! I know I shouldn’t let him, but one look into those eyes, and I melt. I think he knows that and uses it to his advantage whenever he can. He loves to rough and tumble with the other kids, but he also likes to go off on his own exploring, or shall I say, finding something to get into! It doesn’t take long for his siblings to notice he’s gone, and off they go to see what new, exciting, thing he has found.

Boone looks like a little bear cub and is as sweet as can be. He is by far the biggest puppy and solid as a rock. His paws are enormous, and I wonder how big he will be when he’s full grown. He plays rough with his brothers and sister, but he isn’t near as agile as they are, and he usually ends up on the bottom of the pile!

Wyatt is simply amazing! Shhh, don’t tell the others that I can’t help but play favorites. He has turned into such a gorgeous boy. His green eyes are mesmerizing. He is the top dog of the litter and loves to remind the others of this. His favorite playmate is Scarlett; I hear them wrestling and play fighting for hours. He loves to snuggle and gives the best nose bump kisses ever.

I love this little family so much and will miss them dearly when they go to their forever homes. They will be spayed or neutered and ready to move on to the next chapter in their lives in about two weeks. But for now, I am going to enjoy every minute I have with them and continue to share their story with you!

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