Along Came Walter

August 25, 2011  

A senior pit bull turns out to be the ideal fit for this multi-dog household

By Lynn Ready

Ever since I started volunteering at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society in Pittsburgh four years ago, I have loved pit bulls. I learned that the term “pit bull” actually includes many pit-bull type dogs and pit-bull mixes. I would say that I probably walked a few hundred pit-bull type dogs in my time at the shelter. I’ve fostered them in my home and taken them to offsite events in hopes of finding them good homes. Already being the guardian of three rescue dogs with one being dog selective, I never found a pit bull that was old or calm enough to fit into our pack. Then, a few months ago, along came Walter.

Walter is a beautiful red pit bull with a gray muzzle and ears that don’t work so well. His temperament is amazing. He is a gentle giant. Walter was found wandering the streets in Ohio when he ended up at a shelter where no one claimed him.

We were lucky enough to be contacted about him. I really didn’t see my one dog accepting Walter, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well Walter ended up fitting into our home.

Two vets that we’ve visited both think that Walter is at least 10 years old. He has some bumps and some skin irritations on him, and he was not neutered. Luckily he tested negative for heartworms, and his blood work came back normal.

Walter has no bad habits whatsoever. He stays near us, he is housebroken, he has no dog aggression, and he will even let us put our hands on his food bowl while eating and take bones right from his mouth. He has met children and is great with them. I think he would make an excellent therapy dog. He really does not have a mean bone in his old body, and we think he’s really the perfect dog.

Walter has been an amazing addition to our family and to our pack. We feel so lucky that we found him. We hope that more people give senior dogs, and senior pit bulls in particular, a chance at a wonderful home. He gives us so much more love than we can ever give to him, but we certainly try. No matter how long Walter has left – whether months or years – he will have a loving home and family, and a safe place to rest his head each night. After all, this old dog deserves it.

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3 Responses to “Along Came Walter”
  1. woofslc says:

    Love you Lynn and Walter, so happy that Walter is part of your family now 🙂

  2. Alex B. says:

    My dogs are good now… but i wish for them to be like Walter when they grow old. He relaxes me just looking at him.

  3. Matt.S says:

    What a wonderful dog Walter is! Thanks for being his fur-ever home!