Pit Bull Paparazzi

July 19, 2011  

“Two Pitties in the City” spread love, cheer and knowledge wherever they go, attracting a throng of fans

By Amy Schwartzbach

Miss M. and Mr. B. are our two rescued pit bulls that live with us in Chicago. Miss M. was rescued by New Leash on Life animal rescue. Mr. B’s owners abandoned him when he was 5 years old, but Kalamazoo Animal Rescue gave him a second chance. Now they complete our family.

Before I met Miss M., I believed the negative hype and didn’t want a pit bull. It wasn’t until I met her that I realized I had never actually interacted with a pit bull in person. I was making judgments on dogs I’d never met, and after meeting her I came to realize that they were loving and affectionate. She changed our minds.

Now we love taking our pooches around Chicago, so other people can have the chance to meet our dogs. We hope that by meeting pit bulls in real life, more people will have a change of heart like we did.

A couple of years ago, we started our blog called “ Two Pitties in the City” because so many people had questions about our dogs. We wanted to help educate people by giving them a sneak peek into our daily lives. We hope it will demonstrate that our pooches are just like any other dogs.

We document our daily adventures exploring Chicago, and this past week we had a big day out at a parade.

All of us, especially Miss M., look forward to attending Chicago’s annual Pride Parade. It’s important for us to support equality and gay rights, and it’s incredible to see the entire community banding together. It becomes a mile-long party in the streets complete with people celebrating on rooftops, rainbow flags bedecking all the local businesses, thumping music, feathers and outrageous costumes.

The parade was a perfect opportunity for the pooches to get dressed up. It’s amazing how costumes can make pit bulls so much more approachable, so we have fun dressing them up and introducing them to new friends.

Last year Mr. B. attended the parade dressed as a cowboy, but this year he arrived in a jaunty straw fedora and bowtie. Miss M. has been taken with the princess craze sweeping all the young girls, so she went as a pretty fairy princess.

In order to keep the dogs from being overwhelmed, we chose a spot towards the end of the parade route. We thought it wouldn’t be too crowded. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

Before we knew it, strangers were running over to us to get their photos taken with the dogs, petting and hugging them without any hesitation and pouring on the love. It seemed like every single person there stopped to meet the dogs. Even people marching in the parade were stopping mid-march to get pictures of the pooches.

With all the cameras it felt like the dogs had their own paparazzi. They loved the attention, especially since Miss M. knew that it would eventually lead to petting from her new fans. These dogs were born to be stars.

All of this attention from strangers was incredible. We have never seen pit bulls who were showered with such love from strangers.

Many of the people that spoke to us at the parade said it was the first time they had met a pit bull and they couldn’t believe that this is what they were really like.

Recently we received a nice e-mail from a girl we met on one of other adventures in Chicago. She had met the dogs and didn’t know anything about pit bulls, so we were happy to talk to her. She wrote to say that that after meeting us she started doing more research and she just adopted her own pit bull.

We love sharing our dogs with the public. We never know when we’ll meet someone who is having their first interaction with a pit bull through our dogs and forming new, positive feelings about pit bulls.

Whether it’s a packed parade, filled with screaming fans and mobs of paparazzi, or just a quiet walk in our neighborhood, we’re trying to spread the love and at the Pride Parade, we got all that love, and then some, in return.

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4 Responses to “Pit Bull Paparazzi”
  1. What adorable dogs, and I love the story of the young woman who ended up adopting her own pit bull after meeting them. Keep it up, Miss M and Mr. B!

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @annedreshfield Isn’t that just great! Making a difference one pit bull at a time, or in this case…two!

  3. BaltimoreGal says:

    Long-time fan of these dogs (and owners), thanks for featuring them!

  4. StubbyDog says:

    @BaltimoreGal You’re welcome, and by the looks of it the are gaining more fans every day!