Nine Lives – Part V

July 27, 2011  

The story of a mama, her babies, and the woman who rescued them

By Lori Jolly

My heart was pounding as I waited outside the back door of Colina Veterinary Hospital – just a few minutes more and I would have my little Hucky back in my arms again, and then … there he was. I could see the relief in his eyes when he realized I was there; I could also see how tiny he was now and how exhausted and depressed. As I took him in my arms I could feel his little body snug up against mine. His eyes were telling me just how much he wanted to go home. I happily obliged! At that moment there was nothing that I would rather do than take my little meerkat home to his mama.

Scarlett was beside herself waiting for me to get him settled in so that she could smell him, touch him, lick him and hopefully comfort him. Huck was happy; Scarlett was happy, and I was overjoyed. Huck came home with prescription canned food from the vet, which he wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole! I tried everything to get him to eat it, but all he wanted was the same food that he’d been eating before he got sick, stubborn puppy! As the week went by I was encouraged watching him eat, watching his energy start to return and watching him begin to play. We spent quite a bit of time just cuddled up together in bed as he healed; watching him turn back into my naughty little meerkat was heaven! Needless to say, I now have a spoiled rotten little meerkat boy, who thinks he should be much more pampered than his siblings!

The relative good health of everyone had me feeling very optimistic about Annie, Janie, Bowie and Crockett. I should have known it couldn’t last, and it didn’t. I received a phone call from Crockett and Bowie’s foster mom, Tonia Haynes. Crockett wasn’t feeling well. As she started listing his symptoms: listlessness, not eating, depressed and had just vomited clear foam, I could feel each syllable as they came across the phone. My silent scream of “No!” echoed in my head, and my silent whisper of “Oh God, please no,” echoed through my heart. This just couldn’t be happening again, not Crockett – I thought he was safe! But, happen it did; I was wrong, he wasn’t safe.

I was heartened when she carried him in though. His head was up, he was fairly alert, he was drinking water and there was no parvo smell. He seemed a little sicker than Wyatt had been, but nowhere near as sick as Huck. I started giving him subcutaneous fluids. Although he was very sick, and I know he didn’t feel good, he seemed to be resting fairly comfortably. My oldest friend (she might as well be my sister, as we were in diapers together) and animal angel, Michael Ann Simpson, dropped by to see how Hucky was doing. After reassuring herself that Huck was doing great, I took her in to see Crockett. As we stood there talking about the puppies and this nightmare, we heard a cry. My head spun around at the sound. I somehow managed to choke out the words, “Was that him?” Color drained from Michael Ann’s face as she looked me in the eyes and nodded. I flew to his side as he cried out again. My eyes were begging her to tell me this wasn’t happening. Instead, at that moment, she became my port in the storm. I heard her say “You get Crockett, and I’ll get the car.” When I remained frozen in place, she repeated her orders and added, “I have credit cards.” I really can’t express the relief and love I felt at that moment. My arms were holding Crockett tight as she sped toward Colina Veterinary Hospital, a five minute drive from my house. It didn’t matter that I was holding him tight, pleading with him to stay – he just couldn’t.

I’m so thankful that he was in my arms as his sweet little spirit left us to join Cody. I comfort myself by thinking of the wonderful days that he did have here on this physical earth with Scarlett, his brothers and sisters (foster siblings included), me, his human friends, and his wonderful foster family.

I especially thank his foster mom, Tonia Haynes, for providing a wonderful home for Crockett and Bowie, and for loving our sweet baby boy. We all miss him so much.

Update: After Lori submitted this story, Bowie had to be rushed to emergency. Despite the vet’s best efforts, we are sorry to report that Bowie did not make it. For updates on the other puppies, please visit Jericho’s Promise Rescue on Facebook.

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