Pit Bull-Friendly Vacation Spots

June 10, 2011  

You’ve been posting great tips for vacation spots on our Facebook wall, so we want to know: What’s your favorite place (campsite, hotel, city, town, etc.) to vacation with your dogs that’s pit bull friendly?

There are lots of places our fans have taken their pooches. Thanks everyone for sharing.

(Photo by Ted Raynor)

We live in a vacation spot – Colorado Springs. It’s extremely dog friendly and I’ve only had one or two incidences of people who were afraid of my dog. Dogs can hang out on restaurant patios, go into stores at the Shops at Briargate, and there’s tons of great hiking nearby.

~ Amber Singleton Carlton

Ocean City Maryland, the Barefoot Mailman. When I asked if they were pit bull friendly the woman said “oh yes, we have a red nose staying with us right now.”

~ Kt Croyle

We drive home to Iowa from Florida every year and we always stay at LaQuinta. They are very dog friendly.

~ Alyssa Edwards

There are MANY places in Sedona AZ. El Portal hotel treats our Shadow better than us. Plus there are many outdoor restaurants. There is an AMAZING guest house in Bisbee AZ called The Sleepy Dog Guesthouse. El Dorado Suites is another one in Bisbee. They are about a 10 room hotel with a fenced front porch. Our dog had the run of the place, as all the other guests loved her.

~ Mary Ann Williams

Stayed at a B&B in Carmel and visited their dog friendly beach. Ventura, CA is VERY pit bull friendly!

~ Kymberli Zakrzewski

Kanab Utah. Best Friends Animal Society. ~ Mickey Short

We go to the Outer Banks (N.C.) every summer. We stay on Hatteras Island and have never had a problem. We also go camping in PA (mostly eastern) and no issues.

~ Natasha Habib Ambuste

I haven’t tried traveling with mine yet, only had them a little over a year but I know the Wisteria Inn in Panama City Beach was not breed specific when I emailed and asked them. They said as long as they’re on a leash, they’re good!

~ Elise Redmond

Texada Island! It’s uber dog friendly and very quiet!

~ Holly Tate

Daufuskie Island, South Carolina – the only way to get to it, is to take a ferry from Hilton Head. Very pet friendly and not breed specific by any means. Akia actually got her own little bed that looked just like a miniature regular bed. There was even a basket full of goodies for her in the room. It was as though it was her vacation, not just ours!

~ Bruce Cash

We went to Long Beach, WA with our dogs (neither of which are pits, though they “look” like them) and had a great time! No issues, many pet-friendly hotels on the beach and a quaint little Main Street to walk along.

~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

Old Orchard Beach, ME The lesser known beach off of Bayview Rd. allows leashed dogs 24/7.

~ Crystal Carle

Kimpton Hotels!! They are a chain of boutique hotels located in many major cities. We’ve stayed at two different Kimpton hotels in NYC, and one in Philadelphia, and they treat our dog Benjamin like a king – he loves his friends in particular at the Hotel Palomar in Philly. Best part – no weight restrictions and no pet fees at all. They are wonderful.

~ Lorraine Ford

Our favorite place is Austin, TX. Lots of dog-friendly things to do, restaurants and coffee shops with patios to practice our “cafe” skills, lots of informed pit owners, and a great local advocacy group. What’s not to love other than the blistering heat?

~ Ann Vanderlaan

My pibbles love going to “Mommom’s” house. Not only do my parents have air conditioning, they dogs love getting spoiled by Mommom and Poppop!

~ Amanda Kerr

Lost Lake, Alaska. ~ Jasmine Grimm

My pit bull goes with me all over New York City, but our favorite place to vacation are the homes of pit bull-friendly friends and families. He doesn’t always need to see the local sites, but as long as he is exercised and fed, he knows if he waits patiently that he will see *us* at the end of the day.

~ Tanya Copeland

I do an annual camping trip to Mt. Laguna in San Diego County with my Leash your Fitness group, this year it was 18 people and 24 dogs! Ginger spends the day hiking and swimming in the lake with all her friends.

~ Denise Pitre

We’re on the western slope of Colorado and everybody loves our pit bull here! In fact none of the ski towns in Colorado have any type of ban and people are very friendly and informed about pit bulls.

~ Mary Chandler

South Padre Island in Texas has dog friendly condos. We had a blast on the beach.

~ Jen Mathis

I love to bring my boy camping up in Payson, AZ. We’ve found a place with free camping right next to the creek…he loves to play in the water. I need to get him some hiking shoes so we can explore more this year!

~ Cassy Lemon

Maine is a great place to visit with dogs of any breed – there are lots of trails to hike and beaches to explore. Many of the hotels allow dogs of all breeds. The Portland Harbor Hotel in the Old Port allows pit bulls, they have great dog walkers, and they’re around the corner from Fetch, a pet store that welcomes all dogs!

~ Jessica Dolce

Birdie would like to add in River Boats, Amtrak, Museums, National Monuments, Renaissance Fairs, snow mobiling, kayaking and castles to her vacations. Her mom’s motto is “Have Pit Bull, Will Travel” because her mom says that her disability doesn’t stop her, it just slows her down, sometimes….

~ Noel Thrower

Garner State Park, Concan, TX. ~ Meg McClung Phillips

We like Austin, TX! This is the sign on the fence at the restaurant that we like – Freddie’s. Awesome place, and they don’t mind us pitties at all! The Mansion Hotel there is super nice to us too!

~ Jagger

I’ve only been to Cave Run Lake, KY camping with Juno. We go canoeing at Green Acres Canoe. Everyone one was very friendly to Juno.

~ Robine Yvonne France

Laguna Beach, CA! I live not far from there, so we normally just go for the day, but they are very dog friendly – lots of restaurants with outdoor patios, shops have water dishes out, even the famous art walk is dog friendly. Also there are hiking trails. In the off months, the beach is open to dogs on leash all day. During the summer, they are allowed mornings and evenings.

~ Micaela Myers

Here’s our dogs in the motor home traveling from Texas to Tucson to see our grandchildren. Hagrid the Boerboel, Zive the pibble, Popcorn the poodle leave no room for me on the couch.

~ Sue Murray King

Private Island Pit Bull! The best Florida Keys vacation you will ever have. No fences, no neighbors, no leashes. Just fun! We have been there three times. For more info on the island here’s the site.

~ Ginger Monteleone

Sunriver Resort in Bend, Oregon! Very dog friendly, and welcomed my tough-looking (but soft-on-the-inside!) pit bull Emma into the lobby when I checked in so she didn’t have to wait in the car. Also, my boyfriend’s pit bull/shar-pei mix won a photo contest to be their “Director of Barketing”; Tivi can be seen on their website on their pet-friendly info page.

~ Jennifer Leigh State

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13 Responses to “Pit Bull-Friendly Vacation Spots”
  1. RebeccaTomlinsonDoane says:

    You all are lucky! I live in Tenn. and thats not the story. We have a lot of people who are so educated including our neighbor who told us that if he ever sees our dog outside the fence he will shut her because she is a pit! I am afraid to even take her for a walk.So we have to take her for a ride to even take her for a walk. I cant imagine taking her on a vacation in our state.

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @RebeccaTomlinsonDoane So sad that you live in a place that is intolerant of pit bulls. Hopefully education will help in areas where people don’t know the facts.

  3. Her_Benjamom says:

    I have a hard time taking my boys for a walk where I live too. It’s not that my neighbors will shoot my dogs, it’s because my neighbors think that their dogs don’t need leashes or training or sometimes even names. Just because a dog is little doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have manners or a leash. These dogs LOVE to run up to strangers, canine or human, and bark their heads off. When we do walk it’s at hours when I know that most people are at work or at school, less chance of an incident. This is why I take my city dogs out to the country to visit family at least once a week for clean air and a romp in open spaces. Sometimes a mini vacation is the best vacation.

  4. StubbyDog says:

    @Her_Benjamom Yes, many people have complained about the same thing with little dogs, seems people with bigger dogs know to have their dogs behave.

  5. PatriciaHerrera says:

    Great article for those of us that like to travel with our whole family!

  6. LisaJinxKerstan says:

    Virginia LOVES pitbulls…. we are a very pitbull friendly state

  7. JenniferBrownHund says:

    Chico, Ca!!!! Adorable college town, lots to see and do, very pittie friendly! 
    San Diego, Ca…. specifically ocean beach with it’s very own dog beach!!!! Tons of pitties frolicking in the water and playing with one another! 

  8. EricLazarus says:

    Yup – Dog Beach in San Diego!  And Ocean Villa Inn is right next to the entrance – and they’re pit bull friendly.  🙂

  9. rn4pitbulls says:

    This is a great piece. I spent tons of time researching last year…super helpful!

  10. Proud Pit Bull Owner and Pit Toy Maker says:

    We were looking to take our two children and 2 dogs to Florida.
    I booked the site and went to sign the contract. To my dismay.. The company wide policy bans breed, mix or anything to do with Pit Bulls. Unbelievable!!! People are such ?+@#%’s.
    The site is


    Please help us and express your frustration with this complete injustice! Its total junk!

    We do what we can to promote pits whenever possible.
    see our business link for more http://www.pitbulltoys.net