Perfect Timing

June 13, 2011  

A phone call changes everything for one young pup

By Jessica Morgan

I had been looking at different rescues to find the perfect dog to fit my lifestyle and, since I’ve always loved pit bulls, I was interested in having one.

One day, a friend of mine who worked for a veterinary hospital called me out of the blue to tell me about a pit bull he found.

While he was at a friend’s house one night, he heard nasty sounds coming from the house next door. When he looked over the fence he saw two dogs fighting. One was fairly large and the other was a scrawny little thing. He called animal control and somehow convinced them to bring the little guy to his vet hospital.

In the two days he was at the vet, the dog that I later named Diesel was diagnosed with Demodex mange and three types of intestinal parasites. He also had two black eyes, as well as scratches and bite marks. I learned Diesel hadn’t moved from one spot in the clinic since he arrived. They had to pick him up to take him outside. He was only 4 months old, just 12 pounds, completely dehydrated and emaciated. You could see every one of his ribs.

This phone call changed my life forever.

I went right to the clinic after getting off the phone. I walked in and turned the corner to see a huge head on the skinniest little body. Diesel lifted up his head, his ears went straight up, and then he got up and walked right over to me dragging his IV stand with him.

That was it! I knew right then, he would be mine. I felt like he had picked me.

I couldn’t take him home that night because I had to go through the humane society to legally adopt him. I was up all that night thinking of what the perfect name would be for my new puppy, and that’s when I decided to call him Diesel, in the hope that he would grow stronger, but I added a middle name, Gerald, after my dad. So Diesel Gerald Morgan it would be.

The name held true. He did grow up to be big and healthy.

My parents were skeptical at first about me adopting Diesel because of all of the negative media about pit bulls. But, once they met him, they fell in love with him. Now, they are head over heels for him, and he is totally Grandma and Grandpa’s boy. They are proud of their D-Boy and have learned so much about pit bulls because of him.

Today, I am the head receptionist at God’s Creatures Small Animal Clinic in Stuart, Fla., and Diesel comes to work with me. He lies, snoring, on his blanket behind my desk most of the time. I have had many clients come into the office that have been scared of pit bulls or have never really been around one. Once they see his handsome face and sweet demeanor, they quickly change their minds and immediately want to come around the desk to love on him. He is working pretty hard to show people that pit bulls are loving dogs.

A few months ago I had a client come in to the clinic who had had a bad experience with a stray pit bull. The off-leash, unattended pit bull got into a small scuffle with her dog while they were out on a walk, and she got bit on her hand (nothing happened to her dog). When she walked in and saw Diesel chewing on his bone behind my desk, she was worried. I told her she had nothing to worry about and invited her to come and say “Hi” to Diesel. He walked right over to her and licked her hand where she had a bandage from where she had gotten bit by the stray dog. He looked up at her with his big amber eyes to reassure her that he just wanted her to love him. And that’s what she did. She gave kisses and treats to him, and now every time she comes in she always wants to know where Diesel is, so she can visit with him.

Diesel is not a therapy dog (other than to me and my family), he has not won any awards (except for my heart), but he is an amazing family pet. He brings all of us a lot of smiles and a lot of laughs.

The staff at God’s Creatures thinks that Diesel is wonderful. My co-worker Melissa Smith, a certified vet tech and an animal behavior specialist, thinks he would make a great companion therapy dog one day. She said, “He has the most gentle temperament and demeanor. He has a way to comfort the atmosphere in any room.”

Diesel is currently going through hypo-sensitization immunotherapy for allergies. Go figure he would be allergic to everything in our state of Florida.

Other than that, he’s just the happiest, most handsome dog in the whole world.

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