Jump, Annie, Jump!

June 27, 2011  

Once this Staffie learned to dive in, nothing could stop her

By Merissa Kreidler

Annie is the daughter of two AKC champions and the product of many hopes and dreams. I have to admit that she had me from her first breath. In her first year of life, she breezed through her AKC championship, failed her CGC a few times (sitting still is not her forte), and endeared herself to everyone she met (including the Rescue Ink guys at the Northern Virginia Pet Expo).

Her first summer was a really special summer to us. We had just bought a house on Lake Anna in Virginia the previous October, and this was the first year that we were able to use the lake. We (my husband, then 11-year-old son, and I) spent every single afternoon that summer down on the dock, alternating between swimming and fishing. I didn’t have a job that summer, so my entire job was to raise this puppy and entertain my son – all on the lake. It was bliss.

It took a little bit of convincing to get a 6-month-old puppy to jump off the dock for the first time. She had already proven that she loved swimming, but she needed a lifejacket to keep her afloat (a combination of lack of swimming skill and the fact that you simply could not ever get her out of the water).

But as far as the jumping in, she would race down the dock with us at full speed, and when we all jumped in, she would come sliding to a stop and complain loudly to be lifted into the water (once we all surfaced from our raucous cannonballs).

Finally, sometime around midsummer, her brakes failed her in the way most gangly puppies’ brakes tend to, and she didn’t make that sliding stop at the end of the dock. When she hit the water with a splash, we all cheered and encouraged her. She was sold. From that point on, we couldn’t stop her from jumping in the water – any water – much to the almost shock of the expensive Japanese koi dealer at the next year’s pet expo (I caught her mid-air on that one).

We now have an 18-foot Bayliner named after her. It’s called the “Floatin’ Annie,” and she plans on spending this summer the way she spends every summer, in the water!

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3 Responses to “Jump, Annie, Jump!”
  1. skreidle says:

    That’s our girl! 😀

  2. So cute! Glad she got over her fears of the end of the dock. 😉 I love the first action shot!

  3. StubbyDog says:

    @annedreshfield Isn’t she amazing? We love Annie!