Have Pit Bull, Will Travel

June 3, 2011  

Pit bulls need vacations too

Everyone hates to leave their dog when they travel. So what could be better than taking your beloved pooch with you on vacation. We asked our Facebook fans to share some of their photos of their pit bulls on vacation. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Jack , my pittie’s favorite vacay – Camping !!! ~ Suzi Mead

Our rescue, Gabana, loves to get away with us at our cabin in the country, he loves chasing and riding on our ATV. You can see our other rescue pit, Lola, at the bottom … they both love it out there. ~ Hollie Thomas

Cici ruffing it in Mendocino, CA. ~ CeliaSue Hecht

Cici and her pal, Olive, in Sebastopol, at the Casa Carolina, on vacation. ~ CeliaSue Hecht

Cici on vacation in Oregon, playing with her pal, Spike, a Jack Russell puppy. ~ CeliaSue Hecht

Cici preferred the lap of luxury in Elk, CA. ~ CeliaSue Hecht

We decided to bring our foster dog Bingo to downeast Maine (from CA with 5 other dogs – but that’s another story). He made friends wherever he went, even though a lot of folks were clearly afraid of him at first. Here he is with his new Golden pal, Louie. In no time everyone knew Bingo’s name and wanted him to visit. He was such a great ambassador and had the best time in the world. We adopted him as soon as we got home, of course – another failed foster. ~ Linda Chen

This is Nina on top of Chimney Rock in the state park near our home! ~ Laura Cooke

And one of Nina in her “action pack!” for good measure. ~ Laura Cooke

Hanging out at the S Street Park in DC. ~ Ashley Scott

She thinks that she’s a person, so she thinks she belongs on the benches instead of the ground at the S Street Park.
~ Ashley Scott

My mom likes to take me everywhere. Even if it’s just a short trip across town to Grandma’s because I like to ride right up front to see all the sights. My mom says I sit in the front seat like a person. I enjoy the adventures we take where ever we may go. ~ Ashley Margaret O’Roark

Juno on our way to Cave Run Lake. ~ Robine Yvonne France

We had FOUR huge thunder storms while we were camping and Juno slept like a baby through all of them snuggled next to me in the tent. ~ Robine Yvonne France

Juno waiting for us to stop the boat so she can go swimming. ~ Robine Yvonne France

Juno was very sad when I took the tent down at the end of our camping trip. ~ Robine Yvonne France

StubbyDog: Stories - Traveling with your pit bull
Roland loooves camping and hiking. He’s a trooper and now even has his own backpack! ~ Gretchen Jennings

Camping is Clubber’s favorite because we always camp on the river and he can swim anytime he likes!!! ~ Rita Jo Story

Here’s a picture of me (The Sarge-ster) on vacation in Maine. Our parents brought us doggies along for the trip! ~ Sarge Wolf-Stringer

I am a car girl and so is my pit! She loves to ride with me in one of the convertibles. She was taught early that she has to wear a seat belt harness, and she waits patiently to have her harness put on before riding. ~ Tanja Pawluczkowycz O’Dell

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4 Responses to “Have Pit Bull, Will Travel”
  1. RendaLuvaas says:

    The face of the pit owner is changing ! So I wonder who has more young men ,or women in their late 30’s -early 40’s? Love the pics of the family dog on vacation.:-)

  2. Nothing better to see on a Friday morning than happy dogs and happy owners! Beautiful.

  3. StubbyDog says:

    @RendaLuvaas Thanks, that’s an interesting question.

  4. StubbyDog says:

    @annedreshfield Thanks, we aim to please!