Tom and Kali

May 24, 2011  

All types of people from all walks of life love pit bulls

Name: Tom Hamlett
Age: 27
Occupation: Part-time poker player and coach to raise money to foster dogs

Why am I a pit bull person?

To be honest, growing up, I was a huge Husky lover. I have always thought that they were just absolutely beautiful dogs. I saw “White Fang” as a child and always wanted a wolf, and a Husky was pretty close. Then, I started volunteering at the local shelter with my girlfriend. As we all know, pit bulls make up a large percentage of the dog population in shelters. Since they can be tough to handle at times, my girlfriend and I decided to focus on helping pit bulls the most.

We’d walk them constantly, try to get them adopted, and eventually realized that these were simply fantastic dogs. Their plight drew us in and their hearts wouldn’t let us go. From then on, we were pit bull lovers.

Not soon after, we found Precious Puppy, a pit bull mix. Even though we weren’t sure we were ready, we knew she was the one. We adopted her and renamed her Kali.

Kali passed her CGC and now works intermittently as a therapy dog at the local nursing home. We’ve already changed so many people’s minds about pit bulls by having them meet Kali. I can’t wait to do more in the future to help spread the word about these fantastic dogs.

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