Teaching Compassion for Pit Bulls

May 2, 2011  

StubbyDog chats with author Nicole Rivera about her children’s book

By Jessica Dolce

“Max the Shelter Dog” is a hopeful children’s story that addresses the difficult topic of life in an animal shelter for pit bull type dogs and their friends. Full of hope and compassion, the story of Max’s journey, from family pet to shelter resident, will likely inspire young readers to take action on behalf of homeless pets, while building empathy and a sense of responsibility in young readers. We asked author Nicole Rivera about her decision to write about pit bulls and what she hopes her book will inspire.

Can you tell our readers how you came up with idea for “Max the Shelter Dog”?

“Max the Shelter Dog” was inspired by a pit bull named Max I met on my first day of volunteering at my local animal shelter. Max taught me many things, the most important being compassion for animals. Since our meeting, Max’s mission has been to teach animal compassion worldwide.

What would you like kids to learn from Max and his friends?

Max wants to empower children to take action. He wants them to learn that they have the power to make change in the world by saving the life of a homeless animal.

How do teachers use your book?

“Max the Shelter Dog” has been well received by both children and adults. His book has been used as an education tool to help those who are dedicated to animals teach children animal compassion. It has given them a way to open the door to discussions on how animals are treated.

One of the teachers that used my book last year told me this story recently: “A couple of weeks ago, I visited the school and saw the third graders (now in fourth grade) who did the program. The first thing one of the students said to me was, ‘How’s Max?’ I can’t tell you how much of an impact the program had on them. Certainly, my passion about the cause carried over into my instruction of the program, but their compassion and excitement made the program what it was. For a program they heard one time, a year ago, to stay with them demonstrates the impact of the program. I am confident Max will stay with them for many years to come!”

If people are inspired by your story, how can people help dogs like Max?

People can help dogs like Max by adopting from shelters, by spreading the good word about shelter dogs and by educating themselves about pit bulls.

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