Pauline and Ruby

May 23, 2011  

All types of people from all walks of life love pit bulls

Name: Pauline Houliaras
Age: 43
Occupation: Certified Professional Trainer and co-owner Doghouse Girls – a dog walking, training and pet sitting business

When I first saw Ruby she was sunbathing in a small cardboard box, all squished up as if she fell in and couldn’t get out. She started out as just another stray pit bull in the city, neglected and abandoned by her owners.

Even with multiple scars on her face, everyone says she is a beautiful dog.

Ruby responded well to obedience training – the smooch command being her favorite – so we earned her CGC within a few weeks, and she became the official demo dog for my training business.

She seems naturally suited to therapy dog work. She is a ray of sunshine and she eagerly greets everyone with a wiggle-butt tail and unlimited supply of kisses.

In addition to being the poster girl for B-More Dog’s Humane Education program, Ruby became the first pit bull to pass the Karma Dogs’ evaluation in the organization’s five-year history.

Most of the time Ruby enjoys a simple life, one where she lounges on one of her princess beds and the couch. She also enjoys playing and taking walks around the neighborhood.

I’m so fortunate to have this amazing best friend!

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