Jessie and Sage

May 20, 2011  

All types of people from all walks of life love pit bulls

Name: Jessie Moreno
Age: 26
Occupation: Preschool teacher

My name is Jessie Moreno and my husband’s name is Edgar Moreno. I am a preschool teacher and Edgar works in sales.

This picture was taken on the day that our foster, Sage, was going to her forever family. Sage was with us for a year, and in that time my husband who was never a “dog guy” became wrapped around this little goof ball’s paw.

Sage was the rock in our house. When we were mad, she made us laugh; when we were sad, she licked our tears away; when we thought we had a bad day, she reminded us about her past.

The day we left Sage at her forever home, we did not cry because we were sad—we cried because we knew we saved a life.

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    Yeah Jessie!

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