How Bella Became My Weight-Loss Coach

May 9, 2011  

By Jeannie Scarlett

After I lost Mandy, my companion of 14 years, I started reading and researching to see what type of dog I might like to bring into my family.

When a friend who was part of a rescue group invited me to take a look at a pit bull puppy who was up for adoption, I had no clue what to expect. I had never owned a pit bull before, but I had heard the horror stories.

But I started reading good things about pits, and the more I read the more I knew they were for me.

So I went to see this little black and white bundle of joy. I must say, she chose me. She climbed into my arms, fell sound asleep, and that was that!

The next day, when my daughter and I went to pick her up, my new puppy’s sister, a mirror image of her, fell in love with my daughter. So, not one to turn down a precious face, I loaded them both into the car and away we went.

At that time I weighed nearly 200 pounds. I knew these dogs would need some special care and training, so I started learning how to train them properly. I also knew they needed exercise, so I took them both out and we started walking.

Zen, Bella’s sister (who had become my son’s dog) had some health issues and was not able to go as much as Bella and me. But I found that I loved taking Bella everywhere, and we started walking three to four miles a day, going to the park and anywhere else I could take her.

During this time, I noticed people loved to dote on her, but for some, when they found out her breed would back away.

I started thinking that I wanted to promote pit bulls and educate people on their virtues.

Today, I have not only lost 70 pounds, but I have started an organization called Paws for a Better Tomorrow, in which we hold events to raise money for charities (our first one was for cancer care) while showing people that Bella isn’t just an ambassador for her breed; she’s a typical pit bull. She’s also training to become a therapy dog.

Bella has taught me how to live again and has shown me my true passion. I may have rescued her, but she’s the one who ultimately saved my life.

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    This is so amazing and inspiring.

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