His Name Is Stubby and He Needs a Home

May 16, 2011  

Stubby lived his life on a chain until one day he broke free and ran away. A Good Samaritan found him and brought him to the shelter. Now his real story begins…

The girl and I sit outside for what seems like forever. She scratches that spot between my eyes and she tells me about how wonderful my life is going to be.

She promises that I will end up in a “better place” where there will be plenty of food and warm blankets and other dogs to play with. There will be green grass and people who will take care of me for the rest of my life. She whispers in my ear that one day she will find me there, and then we can be together!

I can’t imagine a better place than where I am right now. I know that I haven’t always been here but it seems like I have. The place that where it was dark and sad and where I lived on a chain and it was cold and I was hungry seems so far away. It doesn’t matter to me where I came from. It just matters that this very second I am sitting on the lap of someone who loves me.

Carl comes back outside to check on us.

“Ten more minutes?” the girl asks.

Carl nods and scratches my ear. “I’ll be there ‘til the end, he tells the girl. “I promise.”

Carl goes back inside and the girl hugs me harder. I can feel a shadow looming over us. We look up to see a boy standing next to us.

“Hey, can I pet your dog?” he asks the girl.

She girl smiles. “This is Stubby. And he’s not my dog. But he needs a home.”

“Hey, Stubby,” the boy says. He rubs my head and I smile.

“Mom! Lilly! ” the boy cries, “come look at this dog!”

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4 Responses to “His Name Is Stubby and He Needs a Home”
  1. JMullins383 says:

    did he get the home? Where is the rest of it?

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @JMullins383 It’s coming… new installments every Monday.

  3. KristinBreslerCooper says:

    Looking forward to the story!! 🙂

  4. StubbyDog says:

    @KristinBreslerCooper That’s good, we hope you will like it.