What’s Your Favorite Way to Exercise Your Dog?

April 8, 2011  

We’re focusing on dog health this month, so we asked our Facebook fans, ”What’s your favorite way to exercise your dog?”

So many active pit bulls out there, physically and mentally stimulated, it just warms our hearts. Thanks for sharing everyone!

I usually take my boy for a fast paced walk in the morning but to wear him out, we have to spend about another 30-45 minutes with a mental workout which is mostly obedience training.

~ Lynette Vautier-Cyr

My girl is my running partner! She keeps me motivated to keep going when I want to quit because she never does.

~ Laura Latini

Three-mile walks five days a week and doggie day care two days, She is too pooped to do anything on doggie day care days.

~ Jackie Mesarick

If I get home late and can’t walk them, they go on the treadmill, especially my rotti-pit to get out his energy.

~ Kathy Fortnash
Using the laser pointer! ~ Tracy Hutchins-Sanchez

One word- FETCH. My boy will play ball until he drops and then drag booty to the ball just to keep our boxer from having it. LOL!

~ Paulina Kieliszewska

Easy – two words: dog park!

~ Tom Tracy

Both of my girls love to pull so we let them pull us on the skateboards with their harness on. They LOVE it and a good 15 minutes will wear them completely out! The neighbors enjoy the laugh as well.

~ Wendy Warrington Mezzenga

Walking and for mental stimulation we do some training while we walk, like sitting at intersections or when we see other dogs. I also believe in always asking for something when Daisy wants something, so if she wants to go outside she has to sit and wait until I give her the signal, and classes, we have our CGC now!

~ Pink Daisy

Absolutely love the doggie day care for exercise and supervised socialization. She has energy to spare when she comes home, though. We take a zillion long walks and have started jumping though a hula hoop (thanks to one of your videos for the idea). Keep the treats REALLY small for the hoop training so she doesn’t ruin her svelte figure!

~ Sandra Cooper

Playing ball in the backyard along with some tug-of-war. The best is when my two German shepherd dogs will grab a towel from me and go off playing tug-of-war with each other.

~ William F. Hoover

Photo courtesy of Melissa Lipani

Since we aren’t big fans of dog parks, we walk our pit a couple of times a day, or one long walk, along with time running and fetching in the yard. We throw in some obedience work, too.

~ Kathy Langan Wehmeyer

I have an arm attachment for my bicycle that hooks to a dog harness. I take my pup out for a bike ride so he can get a good run by the beach. He’s not too good off leash and we live in a busy city, so it’s a great way to expel a lot of energy while keeping total control!

~ Jenn End Bsl Frankavitz

Anything off leash really wears Skye out. Hiking, agility and fetch are at the top of our list. Now all we need is some nice weather, and I’ll have as much fun as she does! I actually just wrote a blog post about exercising Skye.

~ Jenny Ford

Photo courtesy of Ted Raynor

I loved to pack a picnic and plan a hike in the local national park. We would hike up to a big field and set everything down and run around and chase each other. Then we would chill out and eat lunch and hike back to the car.

~ Nicole Starr

Cross country skiing, mountain biking and hiking. She also gets a great workout from playing with all the neighborhood dogs.

~ Mary Chandler

The absolute best invention for us has been the tennis ball fling thing. I can throw it much father, wearing him out faster, with the fling than I could ever do so bare handed!! Elmo chases it until he’s worn out.

~ RichandTammi Magee

The NIPBA pits do weight pulling, and they go to the playground and climb and slide.

~ North Idaho Pit-Bull Army
Agility training. ~ Denise Ellis Rogers

Hiking through the woods!!

~ Sarah Berry

Absolutely love the doggie day care for exercise and supervised socialization. She has energy to spare when she comes home, though. We take a zillion long walks and have started jumping though a hula hoop (thanks to one of your videos for the idea). Keep the treats REALLY small for the hoop training so she doesn’t ruin her svelte figure!

~ Sandra Cooper

I love to play with my pit mix. We jump around and wrestle. I got so into playing with her I actually tore a tendon in my ankle. Now we have to go on slow gentle walks until I’m healed. She’s a great sport through it all.

~ Kristy Lynch

We go walking and rough house with them…gently.

~ Stacie Wells

We are lucky enough to live close to biking trails, so we bike our girl twice a day. She will gallop like a horse, just gorgeous to watch in motion. I’ve had people whistle and tell me how beautiful she is. On weekends we hit the fenced in baseball field (no dogs allowed!) and let her chase a ball until she falls over from happiness.

~ Cinnamon Mcgeehan

As of this week the most tiring exercise has been chasing the shadows from butterflies flying high in the tree tops. It’s hilarious to watch and exhausting for them!

~ Elise Redmond

Tank (pit/Rhodesian mix) loves to swim. He would swim all day if we let him. When he gets tired his butt starts to sink in the water. After a day of swimming, he sleeps like a baby (and so do I)!!

~ Kim Meyer Andersen

Juno and I go hiking. We love to be out in God’s beautiful creation; it’s our main way to exercise. Then we do lots of fun things like swimming, canoeing, camping and boating. We do lots of mental exercises as well like practicing commands and all her tricks.

~ Robine Yvonne France

My dog, Chief, just loves the flashlight, he’s 11 and still just can’t figure that thing out. He’s a just a lazy dog naturally so I have found the flashlight as a great exercise tool over the years.

~ Cara James
Playing ball! ~ Stephanie N. Rotondo

We go hiking. By the end of the hike we have two tired and happy humans and three tired and happy dogs, and of course beautiful pictures.

~ Amanda Burris

It depends on what the dog likes. Jubilee loves a great game of chasing down tennis balls or discs. Her brother Frankie would rather play tag or tug. Both dogs like hiking and running. We try to keep it fun by mixing it up and playing different games each day!

~ Amy Willey


~ Kao Fisher

Echo LOVES ball, disc and biking as well as a plain old walk or romp on the beach. I love it all so long as he’s involved!

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

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5 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Way to Exercise Your Dog?”
  1. woofslc says:

    One of our foster moms loves to go “Fishing for the Pitties” with her homeade Flirt Pole, her dogs just love it (just watch those knees!).



  2. woofslc says:

    And at our house, we love throwning and hiding the Buster Cube and/or the Jolly Ball and swimming!



  3. StubbyDog says:

    @woofslc Wow! That’s amazing! You should post these on our Facebook page where we are featuring flying pit bulls.Thanks for sharing

  4. StubbyDog says:

    @woofslc Too much fun! We love it!

  5. woofslc says:

    @StubbyDog I emailed Laura 🙂