Leaping Above the Odds

April 27, 2011  

Echo doesn’t let deafness keep him from achieving

Photo by Mark Youngberg

By Crissy Tadlock

Echo was born in a high-kill shelter in Salinas, Calif. When he was a day old, his entire family was pulled and placed in foster care. About three months later, he was adopted. His new family noticed something was wrong though. When they realized that Echo couldn’t hear, they promptly returned him.

I adopted Echo from the Mendocino Coast [California] Humane Society when he was 5 months old and immediately began taking him to the shelter’s drop-in obedience class. After our second class, the teacher recommended that I also enroll him in the AKC Canine Good Citizen class. I did, and Echo earned his CGC when he was 7 months old. Around the same time, I discovered that Echo is a natural with a Frisbee disc. He needed no coaxing to chase after it, and only some treats to be encouraged to bring it back.

After Echo had another year of growing up and going to school, I joined a disc club with him (Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate). We went to our first competition in August 2010. We were warmly received and had such a great time. We didn’t place, but we came home with the Crowd Pleaser trophy! Such a nice welcome into a crowd typically dominated by the herding breeds! Echo has competed a couple of times since then and even earned a third place in our local disc dog contest.

Echo also continues with his obedience training and even gives occasional demonstrations. He was recently selected to appear in an upcoming photo-book featuring pit bulls and has his own Facebook page.

The world can be a tough place for pit bulls, and an even tougher place for a “disabled” pit bull, but Echo is thriving and happy. As you can see, his deafness doesn’t keep him down.

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  1. pyper says:

    You show ’em, Echo!!!



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