JoJo Continues to Wow the Crowds

April 12, 2011  

In the beginning of March, we told you about Jojo, a pit bull mix that was left for dead on a deserted highway in Texas. Someone finally took her to a shelter and from there From the Heart Rescue agreed to step in as her rescue for foster and rehab care. JoJo was then adopted by Ann Marie and her husband Oscar.

Well, JoJo continues to wow the crowds! She has been in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, received a commendation from the City of El Paso (December 7th was JoJo Appreciation Day in the City), has spread the word that pitties make wonderful pets at the Girl Scout Cookie College, and her most recent “accomplishment” is her “Face in Space.” The astronauts on the next shuttle mission will be taking her picture into space with them!

We are so proud that JoJo (now named Bailey) and her owners are going the extra mile to educate about pit bulls and what wonderful dogs they can be if given a chance!

Here are some photos of Bailey and her recent adventures:

Bailey on a parade float

Bailey walking the parade route

Bailey greets her fans

Bailey with the Girl Scouts

Bailey with her person Ann Marie at Pro Plan awards ceremony

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6 Responses to “JoJo Continues to Wow the Crowds”
  1. jennmartinelli says:

    Such a pretty girl! I love seeing these wonderful happy endings.

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @jennmartinelli Thanks for your comments, we love happy endings too, and JoJo, now Bailey, keeps giving even more happy tails…um…tales!

  3. ninthgirl says:

    How did her picture end up on the list of items going into space?

  4. FromTheHeart says:

    We registered JoJo/Bailey for the NASA Face in Space Program and she is now set to fly on the next shuttle mission on the 19th. Guess NASA likes pitbulls! At From the Heart (JoJo’s rescue), we are doing everyithing we can to spread the word how great pitties can be!

  5. StubbyDog says:

    @FromTheHeart That’s fantastic! There is no end to what that girl can do! Keep us posted on Bailey, we think this story has more adventures ahead. And keep up the good work!

  6. FromTheHeart says:

    @StubbyDog In fact, she is being inducted into the Animal Hall of Fame by the El Paso Veterinary Medical Association on May 3rd in honor of the AVPMA’s Adopt a Shelter Pet Month!