Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

April 22, 2011  

What’s cuter than a pit bull dressed up for Easter? Our Facebook fans share their bunny-eared beauties. Thanks everyone for sharing your fantastic photos!

After a long day of chasing bunnies… ~ Karen Costales

Juno ~ Robine Yvonne France

My Bully Bunny and her 3 siblings! ~ Jodi Robertson-Baker

Pit mix, Edward, is the saddest Easter Bunny ever. ~ Cari Weinberg

My Easter Pittie ~ Kimberly Grant

Our Ava wore this outfit for three hours straight! ~ Cinnamon Mcgeehan

I’m a bunny… I’m a bunny… I’m a bunny… ~ Julie Vinnitsky

Who ate all the easter eggs??? ~ Julie Vinnitsky

C’mon!! Get this off me, I look like a dork! ~ Julie Vinnitsky

Our foster dog, Ozzie, is “super” excited for Easter! ~ Alicia Anthony

My butterfly girl and my bunny boy! ~ Tracey Thompson

Some Bunny Loves Me! ~ Mandy Palmucci

Uh, yeah right, I’m a bunny. Please take the photo and let me go back to napping… ~ Ken Judge

Piggie bunny ~ Sleeps With Dogs

Harriet the foster bunny ~ Sleeps With Dogs

Smirnoff the Easter Pit. ~ Kuo Downing-Reese

Tito… our fat little Easter bully ~ Belinda Diaz

Scar my handsome bunny! ~ Belinda Diaz

Juno wanted to add another Bunny Pic with her Smilin’ ~ Robine Yvonne France

Uhhh foster mom — you said I only had to wear bunny ears! ~ Sleeps With Dogs

I’m the Easter Buddy! ~ Mr. Buddy Rose – American Staffordshire Terrier

Here’s my pit/boxer mix Madison, doing her best bunny impersonation! ~ Alex Mauro

Hippity, hoppity… ~ Tami DErrico

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