Do You Participate in any Canine Sports with Your Dogs?

April 29, 2011  

This month we focused on pit bulls as athletes, so we asked our Facebook fans, Do you participate in any canine sports with your dogs, such as weight pull, dock diving, canine disc, flyball, or lure coursing?

There are so many athletic pit bulls out there … and a few couch potatoes. Thanks everyone for sharing.

(Photo of Echo: ©Deliquesce-Flux)

We compete in Canine Disc. We joined Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate last year and we just went to our 4th competition. We’re headed to Dixon, CA this coming Saturday for the Pups & Pubs. It’s such a blast and so far, in our limited appearances, Echo has been the only pit bull. I know there are more out there!

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

Zack is an excellent agility dog. We got into it to give him confidence and he has taken off. In 16 momths he has gone from a beginners dog in AKC and Docna to an Excellent B dog on his way to a Mach in AKC which stands for Master Agility Champion! He already is a champion in my eyes! And he competes in Obedience and Rally!

~ Anita Elias

Just had the best night of agility training. I love how it is fun, works the mind and the body, and builds trust with my pittie mix, Flint. I love to watch him go and it builds my confidence and training skills.

~ Tina Davis

Big Mama Jubilee (right) is a canine disc dog. We have a ton of fun learning the sport together and we compete. Boy are people surprised at the jump this 65 lb. dog has! Her brother Frankie competes in rally obedience and we are hoping to earn out first title in June. Disc and rally have been great ways to increase our connection and get pit bull mixes out there doing something fun and positive. Get out and play with your dog!

~ Amy Willey

We are about to start agility, but over the winter I have been working on getting our pit/cane corso to learning how to catch the Frisbee. So far so good. I love that it works his mind AND his energy!

~ Tracy Richardson Firgens

Our dogs enjoy agility, mountain biking and back-country skiing!

~ Claudine Sleik

Two of my dogs compete in weight pull (photo below) and both are also training for agility. I’m waiting for a nice day to try them out with a local lure coursing group.

~ Rachel Brown Richards

Juno knows how to do the agility, but she has very little stamina, and doesn’t like to do it very fast. So that has kept us from doing a competition. I have thought about weight pull, but never got around to getting a harness. We do hiking, boating, canoeing, boating and swimming, but we do it just for the fun. Oh we did try out the lure coursing and she LOVED it!! She was sure FAST at that!!

~ Robine Yvonne France

Unless you consider keeping the bed, or couch warm as a sport, three good walks a day is about it!

~ Arlene Applebaum

Jamie used to do agility, now just hiking and search and rescue. Dice (right) does flyball, dock diving, agility and search and rescue. Haas does agility, search and rescue and training now for specialty law enforcement search and recovery.

~ Lori Klimas Burkett

We will begin competing in weigh pull soon. But have been training now for a few months and our black and white may do agility if I can get him to go through the tube.

~ Kirsten Anderson

My Sadie dog does a little bit of everything. We just started her in weight pull, but she LOVES agility. My 7-year-old daughter is starting to handle her to compete in Jumpers. They are awesome together. We’ve done dock diving too, and she loves it, but I have to be careful with her, because she doesn’t swim very well. Poor girl sinks, LOL. She has a float coat now, which has really helped.

~ Ashley Scott

What about “couchpotatoing”? Tenney just wants to snuggle all day long!

~ Lenora Woidyla

My boxer/pit mix and I are on the local flyball team!

~ Erica Grover Johnson

Only sport any of my girls like is attacking the water as it comes out of the hose.

~ Charles Cherry

I recently started doing agility with my 1 ½-year-old pit. My 8-month-old pit has the classic pit bull thick skull and is too stubborn to obey basic commands all the time yet, but she’s fast and loves catch, I think she’d be a flyball pro!

~ Amanda Fennelly

We show in obedience, don’t know if that qualifies as a sport to everyone, but it does to us!

~ Joe Kozlosky

We’re pretty heavy into couch competition. We sometimes branch out into recliner recreation, too.

~ Cindy Spohr

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7 Responses to “Do You Participate in any Canine Sports with Your Dogs?”
  1. TinaDavis says:

    I have found that lure coursing is almost exclusively AKC pure bread in my area :(. Did not find any weight pull in the DC Metro area but I think I am content with Agility!

  2. RendaLuvaas says:

    I have 1 potato, 3 are schutzhund, 2 are disk crazy. We are very active lol. Having 3 sons helps. <3 is a pit.

  3. StubbyDog says:

    @RendaLuvaas Thanks for your comments, sounds like a busy house over there.

  4. StubbyDog says:

    @TinaDavis Agility is great! Check out this article on mixed breed AKC competitions:

  5. retrievethis says:

    K9 nosework and back yard agility!

  6. retrievethis says:

    And a lab in flyball

  7. StubbyDog says:

    @retrievethis Sounds like you have an active bunch! Great work.