Help Give Courageous Pit Bull a New Out ‘Look’

March 15, 2011  

It is will great sadness to inform you that Shy passed away yesterday, March 16. While we mourn the loss of this fantastic pit bull who was given a second chance, we take comfort knowing that she had so many people who helped her and gave her lots of love.

Shy’s circumstances are not unique however, and her story demonstrates the resiliency of this remarkable breed. Here is a quote from Heather who wrote the story, “Shy is a quiet reminder to us all about having a true passion for life and she shows us the amazing resilience of animals and their innate ability to not hold grudges or get angry when times get tough.”

So we are leaving this story on our site as a reminder of that and that maybe someone will open their hearts and home to a special-needs dog who deserves a second chance at life and happiness.

Our thoughts go out to all who did so much for this wonderful girl.

Here is a March 16 post on Heather’s blog about Shy:

This is Heather’s fiance Kyle. I am talking to you all today on behalf of Heather with a heavy heart. We were just informed that Shy passed away today. The details of what happened are unclear, but we know it was not from a lack of love and care from her new owners and online followers. Please keep her in your hearts, and know that she will always hold a part of ours. We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support that we received through this process. It reminds us of how truly generous strangers can be. Future posts will discuss what is to be done with the donated funds. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and know that Shy thanks you too.

Heather is taking this especially hard, as she worked so hard with Shy from the beginning, and truly thought of her as her own dog. Any condolences can be made to Heather on her blog here.

Given a second chance, Shy now needs your help

By Heather Prochnow

Shy was brought into an animal hospital in Central Illinois in August 2010 by her owners who wanted her to be euthanized. The 4-year-old pit bull was shockingly emaciated, weighing only 28 pounds – half of what her normal weight should have been. Her hair coat was dull and falling out and she was also drinking and urinating excessively, due to her condition, later diagnosed as diabetes mellitus.

Despite her horrible circumstances, she wagged her tail through the entire visit and smiled that adorable pit bull grin whenever anyone got near her. A veterinarian at the animal hospital asked the owners to relinquish her to the hospital instead of euthanizing her, recognizing her courageous and lovable spirit.

The owners agreed and treatment of Shy’s diabetic condition started immediately. For six months she lived at the animal hospital, allowing everyone who met her to immediately fall in love.

She readily accepted her twice daily insulin injections without a fight, knowing that there would be kibble and someone to give her some love for a few minutes afterward. Due to the onset of diabetes, she developed cataracts during her time at the clinic, losing almost all vision in both eyes. Still, her spirit never faltered.

Shy relished her time out of the kennel, giving puppy kisses and loving smiles to everyone she encountered. While in her kennel, she was quiet and obedient until someone approached her – then her tail would wag so hard against the stainless steel cage that it could almost be heard anywhere in the hospital.

With help from Facebook and the Blog community, funds began to be raised to help pay for her treatment and to entice people to take a chance on her.

Finally, a sweet, young couple found out about Shy and adopted her two weeks after their first meeting. They renamed her Khloe, and she has become a loved member of their little family.

Khloe is a quiet reminder to us all about having a true passion for life and she shows us the amazing resilience of animals and their innate ability to not hold grudges or get angry when times get tough.

Through the wonderful generosity of the online community, we are working to raise money with a chip in page and a raffle to correct Khloe’s vision with cataract surgery. Any and all support is truly appreciated to give this little girl a new out-“look” on life!

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4 Responses to “Help Give Courageous Pit Bull a New Out ‘Look’”
  1. Thank you so much for profiling Shy! We have been amazed how many people have supported her in giving her a second chance.

    • StubbyDog says:

      We were happy to do it, she’s such a special girl and deserved the second chance she got, thanks to some incredible people! Keep us posted on her.

  2. It’s so wonderful to read about Shy on your website! Thank you for getting the word out about the raffle! We’re so happy to participate and help raise money for her cataract surgery. It’s so wonderful to see so much love and support for this very deserving girl! The organizers Heather and Two Pitties in the City are doing an awesome job! We’re big fans!!!