Has Your Dog Brought You Good Luck?

March 18, 2011  

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day StubbyDog asked its Facebook fans, “Some people have lucky four leaf clovers, others have pit bulls! Has your dog brought you good luck?”

There are stories of heroism, lessons of living in the moment and patience, but mostly, everyone feels lucky to have their incredible pit bulls in their lives. Thanks for sharing.

Photo: Melissa Lipani © All rights reserved by woofslc

I don’t know about good luck, but if it weren’t for Louie, I probably wouldn’t have started volunteering for a local shelter. He has opened my eyes to the breed and how lovable they are!

~ Jamie Rian Crnich

My pittie Diamond brings me a special type of luck every day. She helps me learn to live in the moment and forget about the everyday stressors of life! I don’t know how I could live without her. She’s such a blessing and my little angel.

~ Charlene Alfaro

We adopted ours from a shelter… someone had left her at the “overnight drop” (that is disgusting by the way) at the local animal shelter in a rusty cage with no note of name/age/anything and nothing but a dirty beach towel. She was also heartworm positive, not spayed, and suffering from a false pregnancy. After meeting her at a neutral location to make sure she could play along well with our Catahoula mix (they were friends with wagging tails from the get-go) and then having her climb into my lap whining because I couldn’t pet her fast enough with that big pittie grin, we adopted her two days later.

~ Ryan Arnold

I would agree, not sure about the luck, but she brought a lot of entertainment, fun, and love into our house. Little Clown makes us laugh every day! She also got us involved in our endeavors and got us doing the rescue work we do. Due to the great dog she is, she is working to become a therapy dog. I guess she has brought us luck, in that our days are better because of her! There is nothing like a pit bull. To experience the kind nature and love of a pibble is a special thing.

~ Pibble Wibble Wear. America’s Bully Breeds. Love & Loyalty, Misunderstood.
I am lucky just to have her. ~ Lisa Ventura

I had a man try to come into my home through my bedroom window at 3 a.m. shortly after I rescued my pit bull. I’m a single mom. Violet informed the man, in no uncertain terms, that he was not welcome, and I woke up to see the man’s backside as he was running as fast he could from Violet and away from my home. There is no telling what that man had planned to do, but the possibilities are horrifying, and I am so grateful that Violet was there to stop him!

~ Rebekah Carson Piedad

Annie was named after the musical “Annie” because the shelter was sponsoring the show that my husband and I attended in 2001 and my Annie was there to represent! Got kisses and immediately fell in love! Her adoption birthday is Dec. 17 and she was estimated to be 9 months old, so we make her birthday March 17 (St Patty’s)! The luck she has brought is an introduction to having a best friend with four legs (my very first dog) — she truly is my angel and I will advocate for pit bulls for the rest of my life! I ♥ my Annie!

~ Melanie Miller

Koda is always there for me, no matter what. He encourages me to get out of bed, even on the worst days and is always happy to see me at the end of the day. I don’t know what I would have done without him, in the early stages of my martial separation; he kept me going even when I didn’t want to. In addition, he is my safety net as I know that he will never allow anyone near me that means harm, and I will always protect him as well.

~ Michelle Pickering

My pit mixes have opened the doors to meeting so many amazing people – rescue volunteers and StubbyDog volunteers working to change prejudice and save lives. I am lucky to have such amazing companions and to have met such great people because of them.

~ Micaela Myers

Definitely! There’s the little things like bringing our Moose out of his shell (he plays with toys now – never knew what to do with them before). She’s taught us there is no perfect dog – she’s a handful sometimes, but it keeps us in training, educating, and appreciating all the good (and bad) she has to offer us. The biggest thing though was because of her, my Dad is now the proud, happy owner of a 3-year-old pit bull he adopted from a shelter in Michigan. My Panda showered him with love and silliness when he came to visit this past fall (my mom died a year ago and then their dog died two months later). Dad needed to smile, and now his Queenie is doing that for him every day (along with love and silliness too). He’s already signed up for training class – definitely on the right track!

~ Tracey Thompson

I rescued a pit bull /boxer mix and a month after bringing her home an abandoned dog broke through my privacy fence. When he saw my 2-month-old puppy, he dragged him to the front yard and tried to kill him. Izzy, my pit/boxer mix got between the two and she was able to defend herself long enough for my husband to get the puppy away and cage the other dog. Without her, the puppy would have died. I was so lucky to have rescued a dog that would give her life for another dog.

~ Glenda Dahlstrom

Do they bring me luck?! No, my two pibble babies are my luck! I am lucky just to have their love, and to have them around every day to share my love with!

~ Kris Tree

I’m not sure if it’s luck, but the building I live in was broken into the beginning of February. My girl isn’t much of a barker and the guy busted in my door and upon seeing her immediately closed it. So she saved me from being robbed although it didn’t help the guy in the upstairs apartment and I was very upset about my dog being shaken up by the incident. She’s a sweet girl and doesn’t behave aggressively at all. She was just playing with her little poodle friend today and that’s how I like her to be; sweet, loving, and playful. I took in a friend and companion not a guard dog. I’m here to protect her.

~ Jonathon Marino

I don’t know if I’d call it luck or a great blessing to have Juno in my life. I grew up in a not too happy home, so I have lived with depression all my life. I believe God brought Juno and me together and when she came into my life it changed in so many ways. Spending time with her did what no pill could ever do. The depression now is so far behind me. I thank God every day I wake up to her beautiful Bully face each and every day. God used Juno to heal me ♥

~ Robine Yvonne France

Photo of grey pit bull in the leaves courtesy of Melody McFarland

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  1. JMattHicks says:

    Gotta love pit bulls…awesome quotes. They often get a bad wrap…and part of me understands it. But having spent a lot of time around numerous pits, I can attest that “problems” with pits seem to occur when the owners are raising pit bulls to be aggressive. The two pits my best friend’s family owned were two huge teddy bears.

    Awesome website and content! We’re glad to have you with Livefyre, and if here is every anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

  2. @JMattHicks Thanks Jeremy! I’ve been waiting patiently for you all to go out of Beta….it will be a perfect addition to our very talkative and dynamic community!