What’s Drawn You and Your Dog Together?

February 11, 2011  

We at StubbyDog posed the question to some pit bull owners and asked, “What’s the thing that’s most drawn you and your dog together?”

Here are some of the responses. We’re sure they will touch your heart as they did for us at StubbyDog. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

“She cuddled with my daughter, then 9 years old, within 5 minutes of our first meeting.”

~ Anastasia Hedy Widiarsih

“JC gave me this look and it was love at first sight! And it was not a mushy look. He had an “attitude” look…LOL. It’s been a lot of attitude ever since and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!”

~ Michele Sebesto

“Fostering other dogs really brought my boy Danger and I together. Working with the new dog together created a bond between he and I, where we’re not just a family, but we’re a team too! (Eventually, we kept one of the fosters!)”

~ Michelle Ingrodi

“I was initially “drawn” to Haley when she leapt into my arms as a 10-week-old, very sick, but so sweet little pup. She’d been beaten and neglected and had been slated for euthanasia, but you would never know any of that from her loving and gentle spirit. She was a little timid around some at first, but would always look to me with trusting eyes for approval and quickly warm up to anyone willing to give her a good ear scratch.”

She has become my best friend, and is so loyal and sweet and mellow. She can be happy and goofy when it’s time to play, quietly curl up next to me when it’s time for me to work, or gently lay her head against my lap when she knows I’m having a bad day. Love my Haley Girl!”

~ Meriel Read

“The couch.” ;D

~ Paula Chait

“Although on the outside there was no visible injury, except fleas and ticks, Mr. Buddy Rose could not walk, he could only crawl. When his old owners could not/would not take him to a vet and were going to dump him at our local kill shelter. I carried his 65 lbs. into vets/specialists, in and out of the house. Thirty one days later, he took his first wobbly steps. Today he is happy and healthy but most importantly, he is ALIVE. As I carried him, he would give me sweet Buddy kisses…this is where we were most drawn together.”

~ Pamela D. Frazier
“Their personalities, how they bring out the best in ourselves.”
~ Bren Cornelius

“I belong to a couple of car clubs and my Ticia loves to ride and go to all my car shows with me. I also work in an animal hospital, so she also goes to work with me every day. That is how I adopted her, she was brought in by animal control after being left in a closet after an eviction. She was a mere 5 lbs. We nursed her back to health and I fell in love. Animal control had to change her breed on the paperwork, because pits are illegal in my county. So I am the proud owner of a beautiful Lab mix!”

~ Tanja Pawluczkowycz O’Dell

“He never ceases to amaze me and everyone he meets, he is a total Cinderella story, dumped at a shelter when he was “too old” with no training whatsoever and deaf. In just one year he went from shelter survivor to therapy dog for special needs children and senior citizens. He is what motivates me to never give up.”

~ Stephanie Connelly

“The litter of puppies all ran it the room and Belle leaped onto David’s chest and stuck like Velcro while the rest got stuck into their grub!!! And the rest is as they say is history LOL” ♥

~ Pam Cummings

(Rachel Brown’s girl, Kari)
“With Kari, our relationship changed significantly when we were in an accident in early December. I had gotten her from a friend back in May and I’ve always liked her, but it wasn’t the same way that it is now. Back in December, I hit black ice on my way to a dog show with her. My truck went through the guard rail, rolled over in mid-air, and finally landed at the bottom of a 100-foot ditch. The truck was totaled. I had one of those barriers for the back seat to keep the dogs in the back. Several windows broke and everything in the truck came out except for me (thank Heaven for seat belts) and Kari (thank Heaven for that barrier). She was so scared that she just shook and stared wide-eyed at me. I climbed out of a broken window, found her leash hanging in a tree, climbed back in through the back window and pulled Kari out. She was so scared that she ran behind a tree away from the truck. I didn’t have my glasses (so things were a bit blurry) and didn’t see her take off because I was looking for something to wrap her up in. A couple of guys that came to help saw her and told me where she went. I had to carry her up the hill because she wouldn’t go near the truck on her own. Amazingly, neither she nor I were physically hurt.

Since then, I have been working on helping her to become more comfortable in my new truck. Every time I look at her, I know that we had an Angel following us that dreaded morning. She doesn’t let me leave her sight now and also insists on touching me when sleeping in bed or curled up on the couch. The accident was a life changing experience for both of us.”

~ Rachel Brown

“While bruiser (pit mix) and I were training to test for our therapy dog certification. We’ve been a team for about a year now.”

~ Nikki Oliver

“His eyes drew me in…He sat in the animal shelter kennel looking up at me quietly as if he knew me his entire life. It was almost as if he was saying, “Finally you’re here…what took you so long.”

~ Lenora Woidyla

“I pulled my pit mix, Edward, out of an East TX shelter he was 24 hours from being put down. I planned to foster him until finding him just the right home. A few days later my beloved grandfather had a stroke and spent two and a half weeks going downhill before passing away. Every night when I’d come home from visiting him in the hospital, Edward would snuggle up next to me when I went to sleep. A few days after my grandfather’s funeral, I contracted Swine Flu. I was feverish, bedridden and exhausted and Edward rarely left my side (no small feat for a 7-month-old pup). Not only is he affectionate, but he’s so intuitive. I’ll always be grateful that his furry presence made such a rough stretch more bearable. Oh, he quickly moved from foster to forever dog within a few days’ time.”

~ Cari Weinberg

“Our mutual appreciation for a good nap!” ~ Kelly Knickebocker

“I saw a picture of Lucy on Petfinder. Her big brown eyes and furrowed brow drew me in instantly. And when I met her, she looked at me and I looked at her sweet face and we went home to be together forever.”

~ Ellen Dolce Whitehouse

“Little Bit is a rescue dog that I fostered. He weighed less than a pound but had gained to one pound 3 oz., then he got sick had diarrhea and lost down to one pound. Took him to a vet and got meds. He was taking them but still diarrhea, stopped eating, and lost to 13 oz., his little legs were no bigger than a small mouse and his tail looked like a mouse’s. He was so fragile, took him to another vet and he had to stay in the hospital. He got well, but we went through a lot together. He is now 3 years old and weighs 15.5 lbs., but last year he started having seizures. He is now on medication, still has the seizures but not as often. I think what we’ve been through together, just to keep him alive and the fact that he totally trusts me, if I leave the room he watches for me, keeps his eyes on me all the time. Unconditional love on both our parts.”

~ Patty Kirk Vance

“The endless supply of kisses, the unconditional love, and of course the fact that she loves to cuddle! My 8-year-old Beth says they are the best snugglers.”

~ Meg McClung Phillips

“I knew from her first owner and she was being passed around from home to home. Somehow she ended up with my sister and she couldn’t keep her because of her landlord. Here was this sweet 3 ½-month-old puppy being passed around who crossed my path again. I had to keep her.”

~ Jonathon Marino

“My story is a bit different. Noelle is a dog with a lot of issues. She came to us very young, only 4 weeks old and still needed formula feedings for a while at night. So I had to get up every four hours or so to make her some milk. That right there bonded us pretty strong, but then when she got fixed something went wrong in her brain. She ended up becoming a very fearful, and a fear aggressive dog. She’s great with our own family, but hates any strange people or dogs so whenever we are out I have to be completely attuned to what she is feeling at all times. Because of that, we have developed this weird, almost co-dependent, relationship. I feel what she feels, but she also feels what I feel. We’ve got four other dogs, two of whom are Pit Bulls, but I don’t have the same type of bond with them. I love them, but we don’t have a connection like I have with Noelle.

~ Sue Endbsl Cherry

“Working as team in fly ball and agility–and the traveling together for the tournaments.”

~ Laurie Daily Johnston

“Skye and I seemed to butt heads for a while after I adopted her. She wasn’t interested in training, preferring to be wild and more independent than any pit I had ever met. I joined an agility class in hopes of channeling some of that energy, and something finally clicked for us. Suddenly, she was the dog with complete focus, ignoring the opportunity to bark or play. Agility is still how we bond, and it has brought us together in a way I was afraid couldn’t happen. I would recommend it to any pit owner looking for something fun to do with their dog.”

~ Jenny Ford
“Cookies. And therapy dog work.” ~Jasmine Grimm

“Well, I have four dogs plus a foster dog at the moment. I think my lab mix, Lucy, is the one I was most “drawn” to, however, all were rescues throughout the past several years. When I brought Lucy home, it was a few months after losing my heartdog. I was heartbroken and she was too… having lived a life outside 24/7, covered in fleas/ticks, little socialization, etc. She has been my “healer” ever since and I must be hers as well since family members still call her my shadow five years later.”

~ Heather Uhl Clark

“Jesse James has always been there for me no matter what. And always lets me know all is gonna be ok with the extra pit bull lovin’ and wigglin’ he gives!! Jesse is my best friend n such an awesome blessing and gift!!”

~ Dan N Michelle Wichlin

“The first time I saw Axl, at 12 weeks, I picked him up and he peed down the front of me. He marked me for life. But day to day it the look in his eyes, watching his eyebrows go up and down as he thinks, the unconditional love, and his willingness to please like no other breed. Pit bulls are the best dogs ever. Just misunderstood because of uneducated people. I take my responsibility as a pit bill owner as strong as I did my children. Pittys Rule!”

~ Julie Muhilly

“People love to say, ‘it’s just a dog,’ but I cannot count the times that Oregon has been more of a compassionate individual than any other person I know. Unconditional love and provides laughter on a daily basis. She’s the best teacher”

~ Jacqueline Sofia

“My first pittie mix broke into my apartment four years ago, which was just fate’s way of introducing us. His pitiful face and cuddles the first night just cemented the deal. How anyone could have abused such a sweet puppy is still beyond me! My second pittie mix I chose from a rescue because he is SO laid-back and lovey-dovey with everyone he meets even as a puppy, the perfect addition to my family. Unconditional love, loyalty and ENTERTAINMENT.”

~ Jen Biggins

(Kristy Lynch’s girl, Priya)
“Priya doesn’t overtly give kisses, wag her tail, or even play. But at night when its bed time she has to be under the covers and pressed to my side. That is how she shows how much she loves me and I’m thankful for it every night.”

~ Kristy Lynch

“My 3 dogs – a Border collie (RIP), Jack Russell mix (8 years old), and American pit bull terrier (7 years old) – their full acceptance of human babies joining the family. My Border collie and American pit bull terrier especially. My Border collie has since passed away (cancer at age 9), and my Jack Russell mix is fairly tolerant of toddler ways of life and will play on occasion, but my APBT is the best dog with kids that has ever lived. She’s a jungle gym, a body part learning tool (LOL), a cuddle buddy, and a best friend to our 3-year-old girl.”

~ Heather Fettig

“My couch….”

~ Steven Webb Sladki

“I loved my dog more than you can imagine anyway. When she became extremely ill we were told many times not to expect her to pull through. She had a tick borne illness that lowered her immunity, plus bilateral vertigo. Her constant dizziness… made her too nauseated to hold food or liquid. She lost weight so fast, and all her bones protruded to a sickening degree. But I could not let her go. For two weeks I kept a “touch” on her. Whether it was laying on the floor with her, holding her in my lap, or just holding her paw, the only time I physically let go of her was when my husband or my daughter was there to “fill in” for a minute (for necessities). I felt like if I was touching her I was kind of “grounding” her. I could not, and cannot, imagine how horrifying the world is when it won’t quit spinning (especially for two weeks!). This is a disease we will fight the rest of her life, but with daily medications she is doing quite well. She is losing her sight, and I do not know how to handle that, but I will learn.”

~ Betty Howard

“When my daughter and I walked into the shelter and met our potential new friend…it was the lick on my daughter’s cheek that did it for us.”

~ Tricia Geerdes Zaremba

“Our therapy work has bonded us even more than I could have imagined.”

~ Christine E. Collins

“Training, for sure. I adopted a shy whippet mix who was on the verge of completely shutting down and only through daily training has she blossomed. She may not ever be 100% but she has come SO far and seeing her seek out people, put on weight, settle in to her home, and relax is a testament to our efforts. It’s taken 1 1/2 years to get to this point but definitely worth every second!”

~ Bonnie Ladwig

“It’s a tie between his innocence and his happy-go-lucky 24/7 attitude. He has a child-like innocence that makes you remember the “good ‘ol days.” When I’ve had a long & stressful day at work I can come home and spend of few minutes with him and I just feel better!”

~ Alyssa Edwards
“The unconditional love she shows me, no matter what kind of mood I am in.” ~ Cindy Tierney

“I think for my girl Angel it has been our time playing fetch. She could chase a ball for hours and she loves the time we spend playing. For my boy Mojo, it’s the simple things like walks and car rides that he loves the most. Before he came to us he didn’t even know what it was to be a dog. For five years he lived in a crate with little outdoor time. So everything to him was new and amazing and I think he loves us for introducing him to all of it.”

~ Jess Ouellette Galvin

“Samantha was 6 months old when I took her to visit a friend, who has cats. This was the third day since she adopted me and my lab. Anyways, Sammy had never met a cat before so she paid no attention to them. My friend said it was ok for me to let her roam around the living room. Unfortunately, she came too close to the table, where the one cat (also named Samantha) who doesn’t like dogs was laying. Sammy the Cat hissed at Sammy the dog, scaring her so much that she crawled in my lap and didn’t get up again until an hour of pets and kisses and reassurance from me. She’s 3 years old now, and is no longer afraid of most cats, but still cuddles up to me when she sees one that resembles Sammy the Cat. The amazing thing is she now tries to cuddle up to my friend’s other cats when we visit.

Today, we bond in more subtle ways–like her naptime. She likes to crawl in my lap when I’m sitting on the recliner, and then she takes “dog” naps. We also bond through walks, training time, trips to the vet, and day trips to the forest/lake/river.”

~ Christmas Keever

“I have three, but our middle “child” and I are soul mates. I had worked at PetSmart for a while and read breed magazines in my spare time, and stumbled on ones about pit bulls. I read about them, the TRUE them not the demonized media version. I have always been judged by my cover, overweight, tattoos, et cetera. I felt that bond with them, plus they fit me perfectly. We rescued Jasper at 5 months from a BYB who had basically left him to die. Neglect left him underweight, anemic and infested with hook and whip worms. After weeks of deworming, vitamin treatments and physical nursing, Jasper (meant to be my husband’s dog) was mine. It’s an indescribable attraction we have and an otherworldly bond we share.”

~ Brittany Michau Senko

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2 Responses to “What’s Drawn You and Your Dog Together?”
  1. Shawna says:

    I picked sensi up at pit shelter up outside Jacksonville fl. He picked me at the shelter but I wanted to take him home to see how he would get along with my yorkie an younger sister. When we got in the truck sensi crawled into my lap an made himself quite comfortable there while I was attempting to drive. When he finally got to where he wanted to be he turned his head around an licked my face then looked at me with his big brown eyes. Iv looked at the eyes everyday since an i wouldn’t be able to live without them.