Top Ten Signs You Got a Bad Judge at Westminster

February 16, 2011  

10: He keeps saying, “There’s hardly any meat on this one.”

9: Points at the favorite in the “working dogs” category and says, “You’re fired!”

8: Evaluates your dog based on his performance in a written exam.

7: Before any dogs arrive, goes around the ring marking his territory.

6: Insists on trying on all the collars personally.

5: Searches the “toy” dogs for battery compartments.

4: Refuses to render his judgment until after the swimsuit competition.

3: Tells each dog to “Turn your head and cough.”

2: Subscribes to Cat Fancy (the traitor).

And the Number One sign you got the wrong judge at Westminster:

1: Tells you your Labrador retriever reminds him of his seeing-eye dog.

P.S. Check out our report, Best in Glow, — our answer to last night at the Westminster Dog Show.

(Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

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