Parenting Site Gives Wrong Message about Pit Bulls

February 2, 2011  

You can help put it right!

StubbyDog Staff Report

A website called The Bump is warning parents of 17-month-old babies not to let them near pit bulls.

In their monthly e-mail to subscribers, they warn:

“By now your toddler has tons of new tricks, like opening every cabinet door in the house, chucking his toys across the room, stripping off his diaper, and shrieking like a banshee. You might also find that he is either terrified of dogs and strangers or shows absolutely no fear at all. Either way is fine, as long as you offer support and supervision — and steer clear of pit bulls.”

This isn’t just a mischaracterization of pit bulls. Much worse, it gives the impression that it’s perfectly OK for parents to leave their young children unattended with any other kind of dog. This is supremely irresponsible.

The Bump says they’re going to remove the reference to pit bulls in their next round of e-mails. But that’s not good enough. They need to get back to all the people they’ve already written to, and correct the record. has taken up this issue. You can read their original report and sign a petition to tell The Bump to issue a retraction to the subscribers who received the e-mail.

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