Is There a Special Way Your Dog Shows His/Her Love for You?

February 18, 2011  

StubbyDog asked its Facebook fans, “Is there a special way that your dog shows his/her love for you?”

Here are the responses. Lots of kisses and pit bull butt wiggles in the mix! Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Photo courtesy of AlexsandraG

One of the best things about my Sadie is that whenever you’re feeling down at all, she’s the first one to come up and give you a big, wet, sloppy pitty kiss. Its gross, but I love her for it.

~ Ashley Scott

It’s not very exciting, but my boy is blind and deaf so when I come home, he sniffs his way to find me, then bumps into me then snuggles with me while he is wagging his tail. He gets really restless so then I know it’s time to bring him on the couch to cuddle. It’s not exciting, but at his being 17 years old, he`s doing awesome.

~ Stephanie Gonzales

Juno comes up to me and nestles her nose in my hand. It’s like she is checking to make sure I am ok. And she never leaves my side when I’m sick.

~ Robine Yvonne France
Kisses and lots of them! ~ Sara Fisher

Leo’s got a bad history and is wary of any stranger / newcomers into his life, especially when he is vulnerable on leash. However, Leo trusts me completely. I trust him, too.

There are a million ways I know that Leo loves me- the cuddling, the way he knows the sounds of my footsteps when I come home, but one of the most wonderful things is that he doesn’t care what I’m doing to him as long as I’m in physical contact. That sounds kind of wrong…I mean he lets me do anything from play with his ears to opening his jaws cause he got a tissue stuck in his jowls (I have to wipe his mouth after he eats haha). And when I’m not touching him, he always has to lay somewhere nearby where he can either be against or watch me every moment. A little creepy were it a person doing it, but him? I think it’s sweet.

~ Alysha Veres

Bootie gets all wiggle butt when I come home, when I’m cold he snuggles in close and keeps me warm, when I’m sick he turns into a couch potato and just lays with me. He never gives up on me and just wants his mommy. He’s my best friend.

~ Tama-Lisa Johnson

She always seems to know what mood I’m in and act love me accordingly. When I just got home exhausted, she would excitedly greet at the door and slobber me with kisses, which gives a second burst of energy. If i have a stomach ache, she would lie down on or next to me and warm my belly. When I’m sad, she would cuddle and stay there until I feel better. With her, I don’t have to ask for support. She is ready to help and love me as soon as she sees me.

~ Anastasia Hedy Widiarsih

He is always ready to go with me and be my partner whatever I’m doing. He’s my right hand guy! At the end of the day, he likes to lay his head on my lap and look deep in my eyes.

~ Crissy Wilson Tadlock

He trusts me, when trust does not come naturally for him. ~ Heather Gutshall

My angel (1 year old pit named Zebs) will run to you at full blast then right when she at your feet, she plots down and stays there until you give her attention.

~ Jenny Herrmann

My Rotti’s way was she would crawl into bed, cuddle down beside me like a baby and kiss me and then shove me off, and then sprawl out, although I think that shows her love for the bed more than me!

~ Holly Tate

If I’m watching a sad movie or I’m upset over something and crying, Molly, my American Staffordshire, will come over and curl up in my lap. Then she’ll look up at me and lick my cheeks to make my tears go away and the look in her eyes say “It’s okay, Mommy. I’ll make it all better.”

~ Amanda Brown

My pittie nestles me with her nose and gets so happy she does that thing with her teeth where she pinches me a little.

~ Delaine Carranza-Johnson

My eldest spoons with me and when I hug her she lets out a sigh on contentment, my middle will goose me from behind and howl at me, my youngest will bring me river rocks from my flower bed… give me her paw and head butt me at the same time…

~ Pamela Presley

When my babies show me the love they give that pretty pit bull smile and their tails turn into whips!

~ Eldora Monroe
Kisses, kisses, kisses and more kisses, and of course with wiggly butt too!! ~ Dan N Michelle Wichlin

Dio shares his Nylabone with me. He’ll chew it for a little while, then bring it over and drop it on my lap. If I don’t pick it up, he takes it and very gently tries to put it in my mouth. I pretend to chew it for a second and he gets so happy, his tail wags like crazy. Then I give it back to him and he chews some more.

~ Heather McClain Howell

Mera “chirps” when I come home she’s so excited! And when I say chirp, I do mean “CHIRP!” It’s not a high pitch bark, or a squeal, but an actual chirp! The funniest noise I’ve ever heard! Also, when I’m sitting on the couch working on the computer and she wants attention, she basically head butts my shoulder and then attacks me with her tongue!
My other dog Kat (she was a Katrina Dog) LOVES to spoon with me while I sleep, except she MUST be the big spoon! Has her front legs and paws around my neck and everything.

~ Josh Gonia

Can’t let me out of his sight! And needs to be with me as much as possible!!

~ Michelle K Smith

Every time my boyfriend and I hug or kiss, she runs at full speed to get a toy and then runs around the house whipping it around and playing with it. That shows me that our happiness also makes her happy. ♥

~ Amy Rossi

One of my boys nibbles on me, he loves to nibble on my ear if i let him. My other boy wags his whole entire body and he also yodels, it’s the cutest sound I have ever heard!!!

~ Cindy Leeman
My sister’s pretty pit Holly will bring me her favorite toy when I visit. ~ Mary Bettuchy

Well we house a menagerie, so: Penny Pomeranian does little circles and gives kisses when asked (and when not asked lol) She is the kissy queen.
Little Bear (our Eskie) will flop on you if you’re sitting down and try to press his body into you. He looks at you with these big brown eyes and has a little whine when he does it.
Diesel (our Dobie) loves to lay his head in your lap and give little kisses.
Our Pibble Mafia will actually hug you. She gets this extra wiggle going in her butt, and if you open your arms she will hug your waist and make snorty noises.

~ Jaz End-Bsl Gray

All four of ours give hugs and kisses. The experts who say dogs don’t like hugs haven’t met my pack! The best is when our 75 lb. pittie jumps in your lap and wraps his paws around your neck while giving big sloppy kisses….my husband can move him, but I usually end up pinned.

~ Bridgett Kizilski

My dog, Earl – now passed – used to bring me a present every time I came in – the most memorable was the day he brought me a sloppy, wet mouthful of cold mashed potato, and spat it on my sandal…. He did love me – it was just messy sometimes….LOL!!

~ Jackie Roe-Lawton

Camel tries to get all 65 pounds in my arms to kiss my face when I get home…. And it probably doesn’t help that I pick her up and let her kiss me! But how could you turn down that kind of love?!

~ Ashley Holman

I know my dog Penny loves me because I can see it in her eyes. My other dogs just don’t look at me the same way she does. She also always lets me hug her when I need a hug. The others are just brats…could be that Penny is much older, but I like to think it’s just because she loves me the most.

~ Lindsay Hunt

My three shepherds (two Germans and an Aussie) greet me at the door with whole body wags every day after work. My elderly, grumpy poodle mix who can’t go down the stairs stands at the top and howls until I come upstairs! And the dogs I walk each week at @Kitsap Humane Society wiggle and wag when I walk by their kennels.

~ Molly Timko

Photo by Jon Bozak

Romeo is 73+ lbs. of lap dog. He is the BEST cuddler, if you count lying on top of you as cuddling. I guess he is more of a blanket than anything. He also saves me the trouble of having to wash my own face. He protects me. Would do anything for me. My pit bull is the greatest companion I could ever ask for. He never expects anything in return. He just wants to love and be loved.

~ Jesslyn Barriault

Funny story, one day we had a play date at the park and one dog ran into the back of my legs and totally took me out and Juno was so upset and promptly told her off and guarded me for the next 20 minutes, keeping all running dogs away from me till she was sure I was okay. Then when back to playing as normal.

~ Robine Yvonne France

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2 Responses to “Is There a Special Way Your Dog Shows His/Her Love for You?”
  1. playfulpawswv says:

    Topper is one of two one year old pittys that own me, they are litter mates and his brother’s name is Moo. Ever since Topper was little if you lean into him and whisper “I love you Topper” into his ear he will nuzzle his mouth up to your ear and blow lightly out of his lips. If he could form the words I think he would be saying I Love you too. Moo has even been learning this trick from his brother. Sooooo Sweet!

  2. StubbyDog says:

    @playfulpawswv aw, that’s ridiculously sweet. Thanks for sharing.