Pit Bull History

January 16, 2011  

How Pit Bulls Got Their Bad Rap

Once upon a time, just a few decades ago, they were celebrated as “America’s Family Pet” – the most beloved of dogs.

Back then, other dogs, like German shepherds and Dobermans, were the “dangerous dogs” of the time. But today, as a result of abuse and exploitation, it’s pit bulls who are demonized as the most dangerous animal.

How did such a thing happen?

History repeats itself

The following editorial comments all appeared in prominent newspapers in the U.S. and U.K. about another kind of dog altogether. Guess which one!

“Crime has made him the most maligned of all dogs.”

– Helena Daily Independent

“The size, muscular appearance and strong features of [the dog] are ocular evidence to the prejudiced that the dog is a savage customer.”

– Stevens Point Journal

“I find that most people have the impression that it is a savage, treacherous brute.”

– The Times of London

“The very nature of these dogs conjures horrible pictures of relentless beasts… It is a very wrong impression with little fact upon which to base it, but it will take several decades to remove it.”

– Massillon Independent

Which breed were these comments referring to? And when were they written?

Those words were written between 1888 and 1938.

And the dog they were talking about was the bloodhound!

Bloodhounds were the dogs of choice for tracking down escaped slaves.

They were known as vicious attack dogs, and their reputation outlived the end of slavery. People were terrified of them.

At that time, pit bulls were known as “the best pets for your children.”

In the U.K., they were called “nanny dogs.”

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