Petey: The Very Definition of “Man’s Best Friend”

January 17, 2011  

His personality shines through his physical challenges

By Bryan Bauer

Photo of Petey in swim therapy, by Julia Austin

Petey is the definition of man’s best friend.

He came to me from a local rescue, and I couldn’t wait to have him in my home. That’s because he’s special.

Petey was born with a neurological condition that makes him unstable on his feet. Sometimes he falls over or crashes against the bed when he lies down at night. But he always picks himself right back up, usually sporting his big goofy smile.

People who meet him say he has an honest and soulful presence about him, and I think he just wants people to look past what he is and continue to see the grace behind his clumsy exterior.

As an animal shelter volunteer, I’ve met hundreds of other dogs, from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards, but in my opinion none will ever compare to Petey.

His gentle way and confidence in himself (despite his condition) not only make him an example for humankind, but also make him an amazing part of our family.

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