Abandoned Pup Becomes National Champ

January 17, 2011  

How Karma brought us good karma

By Leroy Golden

My daughter, Sarah, found a stray dog along a country road one night after stopping to see if she had a flat.

While walking around the car she heard a noise, and found two pit bull puppies just a few weeks old. Their eyes were barely open.

Sarah brought one home and the other went to a friend.

At that time we had six dogs at home and were certainly not looking for another.

Smartly, Sarah and her mother hid the dog from me for a few weeks, and when I found out, I did not want to keep a pit bull.

The ladies in my life insisted otherwise, and I’m sure you can guess who won that argument!

Soon, I learned that Sarah and her mother were going to be out of town for a week, which left me in charge of all the animals, including the new pup whom my daughter had named Karma. Since that day, this dog has become my shadow.

I learned she had a knack for catching Frisbees when I tossed one out of my truck and she caught it and brought it back.

That was three years ago.

Since then, we’ve really gotten our good providence. This stray puppy, who could barely open her eyes, has seen the whole U.S. as we travel around the country, placing in the UFO national finals and competing in canine disc competitions.

She’s even been featured in several magazines and is a registered therapy dog.

Talk about good Karma.

Karma now has his own blog at Karma the Flying Pitbull.

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2 Responses to “Abandoned Pup Becomes National Champ”
  1. jennakrabacher says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. ReneeMKeller says:

    I love love love seeing pit bulls do disc!!!!!