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StubbyDog has arrived in ALASKA!

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We’ve partnered with Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center and Alaska Dog Sports to provide a FREE 6-week training session for all pit bulls and pit bull mixes adopted from AACCC!

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When we met with AACCC we learned that a significant number of pit bulls adopted out by the Center are returned. Of the 18 pit bulls adopted out in the first quarter of 2015, four came back to the shelter either surrendered or as strays. One study by Lisa McCluskey, a certified professional dog trainer and certified canine behavior consultant, found that dogs who attended training were 2.63 times as likely to stay in their adoptive homes as those who didn’t receive training.

The goal of our partnership is to prevent those surrenders by building strong and long-lasting bonds between dogs and their new adopters. The training program not only provides the tools to be able to work through a behavioral issue, but also provides the bond that will keep families together. This program promotes:

  • Pit Bull Adoption
  • Force-Free Training
  • Keeping dogs in their homes

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We already have our first round of dogs enrolled in the program and we can’t wait to see the results! If you’d like to help us cover the costs of training, click here, and stay tuned for updates!

Thank you for your support!!