Extra Special

I adopted Kobe in June ’09 from one of the rescue groups that visits my local pet store on Saturdays. Kobe was about 14 weeks old at that time. The original owner, a backyard pit bull breeder, wasn’t able to sell Kobe because he was deaf.

Dogs at Work

Animal Farm Foundation, in upstate New York, takes pit bull dogs from shelters and trains them to be service dogs.


In June of 2009 I was introduced to the world of pit bulls. My mom was driving to work and saw a huge black and white pit bull sitting on the side of the road. We already had four family dogs between the two of us, so she passed by hoping someone else would stop for the dog.

Together We Can Make a Big Difference

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This has been a dream come true for a multitude of reasons. As advocates we have an excellent opportunity to communicate to the public an accurate interpretation of pit bulls and address the discrimination their guardians face every day. It allows us an opportunity to change those stigmas and perceptions.

Has a Therapy Dog Impacted Your Life?

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We are celebrating therapy dogs, so we asked our Facebook fans, ‘Has a therapy dog impacted your life? If so, please tell us how.’ Not only do these incredible dogs help others they improve the lives of their guardians in so many ways. Thanks everyone for sharing!