The Other Side

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Number 521. That is what they called me at the shelter where I was taken to in late June 2012. It meant I had no name and no identity anymore. A man said I was a stray.

The Fabulous Che’

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My story with Che’ (pronounced Shay) began in Oregon, when my daughter Katrina came home with the cutest puppy I had ever seen. I didn’t even know what kind of dog she was until my daughter’s boyfriend at the time told me she was a pit bull. (I found out later she is really an American Staffordshire Terrier.) My reaction was, “Of all the dogs out there, why did you have to get this kind?”

Learning Through Parvo

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So after more reading and studying, I had a conversation with the trainer at out our local PetSmart store. He was a great believer in pit bulls, having had several over the years. I began to see Parvo in a very different light. Not to mention Parvo’s own developing personality.

Everyday Heroes: Foster Families

They don’t have room, but somehow they find the space. When a dog is stressed from kennel life, or in need a quiet place to heal or a family to teach them the ropes, or a rescue can’t take him unless a foster home is available – these families say, “We can take him home.”

Broadcasting her Message

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I have been a proud companion of pit bulls for more than 20 years. I have had seven beautiful pit bulls, not to mention countless other animals, fostered several pit bulls, and I have helped place countless of these beauties over the years.