An Open Letter To Maryland Legislators

Maryland Legislators, today my heart aches because of your inability to act and do the right thing for the pit bull dogs of Maryland.

How Do You Help Fight BSL?

Education, letter-writing, getting to know local politicians, and letting our fabulous dogs speak for themselves are some of the ways that we can combat – and hopefully reverse – breed-specific and discriminatory legislation.

Other Dogs

Through our interactions with pit bull type dogs, we have learned that pit bulls are dogs and all dogs are individuals. But, with our focus on pit bulls, have we lost sight of the general message?

The Good Fight

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As part of our comprehensive coverage, StubbyDog chatted with Jodi Preis, founder of Bless the Bullys and National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and moderator of the FightBSL listserv for a Q and A about her work and how citizens can help fight BDL.

Ending BDL in Prince George’s County

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In 1996 Prince George’s County enacted a ban on American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Currently, this ban costs the county approximately $1.2 million a year and has had no impact on the number of reported dog bites.

Brittany and Rambo

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There are two very important reasons why Save Ontario Dogs came to be – and their names are Brittany and Rambo. About two years ago, I received an e-mail from my friend Kim Lindsey about two dogs that were seized in Brampton because the dogs were supposedly pit bulls.

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