Changing Times in Ohio

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Back on February 21, 2012, animal-welfare history was made in the state of Ohio when House Bill 14 (HB 14) was signed into law by Governor John Kasich. This bill essentially repeals the legislative language that referred to pit bull type dogs as inherently dangerous and/or vicious, regardless of behavior.

Changing Hearts and Minds

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So the first thing to do when faced with any situation in which you are serving as an impromptu pit bull ambassador is to stop, take a deep breath, and put yourself in check. This is an emotional issue on both sides of the line. It is very easy, especially if you have a pit bull as part of your family, to take things personally and let your emotions overwhelm your intellect.

Will Most Dogs Soon Look Like Pit Bulls?

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StubbyDog’s Michael Mountain chats with Animal Farm Foundation’s Stacey Coleman about the past, present and future of dogs labelled as pit bulls.

SLCo Pit Crew

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The SLCo Pit Crew is so much more than a shelter-based program. It’s really turned into a community movement, one that has transcended the shelter walls as well as jurisdictional lines.

Turning Tragedy Into Activism for the Dogs

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But this tragedy is not the end of the story. It’s only part of the battle to end fear-based discrimination against pit bulls or dogs that resemble pit bulls. Here’s what you can do:

Iowa Town Council Forces Disabled Veteran to Relinquish Service Dog

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James Sak, 65, a disabled Vietnam Veteran and retired Chicago police officer, was forced to relinquish his service dog after the Aurelia Town Council voted December 14 to prohibit the dog, identified as a “pit bull,” from residing within Aurelia city limits.

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