Buddy’s Journey


“The very first pit bull type therapy dog here at CHOC Children’s Hospital.” That’s what I overheard my mom boasting about the other day, and from the reactions she gets, it seems like a pretty big deal.

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Pit Bull Power


My second dog is a female pit bull named Peyton and my latest rescue is a male pit bull named Maximus who I adopted from New York City Animal Care and Control. Peyton and Maximus are both now certified therapy dogs.


Kids, Books and Peaches … Oh My!


For Peaches it has always been interaction with people, particularly kids. Children are quite often the only variable that make an otherwise scary place for Peaches not just tolerable for her, but enjoyable. Which is why we feel so incredibly fortunate to have found that special place with kids to visit as part of her therapy dog work.

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Peaches The Wonder Pit


I fell in love with her at first sight. We normally don’t find foster homes for adult dogs, but I couldn’t resist bringing her home with me that night. She was a little nervous at first, but soon figured out that the sofa was soft, the treats were yummy, and the cat was friendly.

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Nola the Therapy Dog


I got Nola certified as a therapy dog because I wanted people to see what a pit bull really is and not just what you hear on the news and read in the papers. Nola is a great dog: She loves everyone and every dog she has ever met.

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A Tribute to Leo

Leo and Friendsthb

It is with great sadness that I must announce the loss of a wonderful soul. This week, Leo passed away from a severe seizure disorder. Leo was my working partner, friend and family loved one, and I will never forget how wonderful he was. He was so many things to many people and to many dogs.


Pearl the Pit Bull


Pearl generally brings a welcome smile to anyone who decides they can’t resist petting her! What a wonderful way to show to the kids that Pearl, the pit bull, is a prime example of what pit bulls really can accomplish with proper training, commitment and of course, love!

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Buddy the Therapy Pit Bull


Twice Buddy was pulled from the euthanasia room by volunteers who said, “He is just too friendly!” One kind shelter worker finally called Molly, and she high-tailed it down there to pull Buddy for good.

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What Rocco Taught Me

Moose and Roccothb

I’m not a past or present pit bull guardian, nor do I volunteer at a shelter and work with these dogs. I’m the guardian of a large, goofy Labrador Retriever named Moose. You might wonder why, then, I’m writing this. The answer is simple. I’ve fallen in love with the stubby dogs.

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How Moose Became a Hospice Volunteer


Moose was an emaciated dog at the shelter who barked a lot and jumped all around in his cage. But there was something about him, and so we brought him home.

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