“Maybe” is Definitely a Catch!

By Lynn Utecht BS, CVT   This is my Second Hand Hounds foster ‘Maybe.’  After being found as a stray, the police had brought her to impound at South Saint Paul Animal Hospital. No one came to claim her and it was very obvious she recently had puppies. I thought ‘how sad.’ I continued to […]


Why Pit Bulls Make the Best Therapy Dogs

“Today, you can’t get on Facebook without finding Thera-Pits. But in 2002 when I first started using pit bulls as therapy dogs, very few people were using them in mental health therapy due to their ‘bad rap.’ They were viewed as “the other” and I felt they were the perfect metaphor for my clients who […]


Victims of Dog Fighting in Ohio Finally Seen as Victims

Just over one year ago, on January 31, 2013, the Toledo Police Department discovered a group of dogs chained and caged in a vacant house on South Fearing Boulevard.  These dogs would come to be known as “The Fearing Six” and are the first victims of dog fighting in Ohio to be considered just that: […]


Princess: Bomb Sniffing Dog, Victim of Breed Discrimination

By Humane Society for Hamilton County Princess has spent most of her life with us at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. She arrived as a lost puppy in August 2007, and she stole everyone’s heart. Just 10 weeks old at the time, her puppy breath was intoxicating! She got adopted almost immediately; I mean […]


Say Hello to these Pocket-Sized Sisters!

By Brooke Bourgeois, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter On the morning of September 3rd, staff arrived to the shelter to find that 2 pit mixes had been thrown over the shelter’s fence during the late night hours on the previous night. Both girls were skin and bones, covered in fleas, and the smaller girl, Twiggy, was […]


Gunny and The Magical Pack

Gunny pose c

“I met ‘one of those dogs’ today.  I’d tell you his name, but he doesn’t have one.  I can, however, tell you that he has one of the most amazing spirits I have ever had the good fortune to encounter.  I can also tell you that his capacity for love and forgiveness warms my heart…and […]


The Little Things


Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget about the little things and, more importantly, how the little things aren’t so little to a shelter dog.

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Turning Tragedy to Triumph


How could this little puppy trust and love people unconditionally after what people had done to her? If she could trust again, then so could I. My husband and I decided to adopt Susie. She would finally have the love for which she had so desperately longed.

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Mr. Buddy Rose


A little more than year ago, if you had told me I would have a pit bull lying on my living room floor, I would have called you a liar. Here’s the story of how a pit bull began snoring on my couch…


Cover Girl for a Cause


Mocha is a rescued mini pit bull that lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. One of her jobs is to appear as the cover girl on the chocolate bars and truffles for Rescue Chocolate. However, her main job is to encourage her guardian, Sarah Gross, to grow the chocolate company and donate all profits to various animal rescue organizations.

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