The Family Nanny Dog


I rescued Kadie in 2011 from a local shelter that brought her along with her two pups to Pennsylvania from Georgia. She was set to be put to sleep when the shelter got her. I was afraid to get another pit bull after my first one, Doc, passed away.

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Heroes on a Roll


“When I did rehab, there were always therapy dogs there, but none were in a wheelchair like me.” That made a profound impression on us. That, and how Chili “receives” people – which is with a huge, open smile and a wagging tail.

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Lisa – an Every Day Superhero

With Lilathb

Lisa was hired as CEO, and what did she do right away? You guessed it! She made the decision that all dogs would be judged on an individual basis and appearance would not play a part. This decision was met with very positive reactions!


StubbyDog Hero: Marthina McClay

LEO and ME_thb

“Every time we judge without understanding, we get into trouble. We need to spend time with an individual dog, finding out who he is and not what anything else says that he may be.”

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A Therapy Dog for Dogs


Fergie dances around them, play-bowing, darting in and out of reach, sometimes tapping them lightly on the shoulder. Then she runs a few steps, looking back over her shoulder, trying to draw them into chasing her. Often they do, barking and growling; and sometimes they even nip her from behind, but Fergie never minds this and never retaliates.


Everyday Heroes – Volunteers


They are there first thing in the morning, ready to walk the dogs. In the snow, rain, heat, they put on their sneakers, grab their treat bags and show up. “Hi guys! Who wants to go out for a walk?” they smile and get to work.

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StubbyDog Hero: Tia Maria Torres


The TV show has good and bad that go along with it. On a good note, it has increased our adoption rate quadruple-fold! Along with that, we are helping change the image that the pit bull has had to carry around for so many years. Nothing like an international reality TV series to show everyone how great these dogs can be!

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Bruised Not Broken


Since joining the Facebook community in November of 2009, Bruised Not Broken’s family has grown to more than 200,000 like-minded bully-breed advocates. The immense support that the New York City based organization has received, completely surpassed founders Dave Goldstein and Brooke Slater’s expectations.




My husband and I have both had medium and large dogs most of our lives, and their breeds ran the gamut, but it wasn’t until our previous dogs both passed away in late 2009 that the idea of having a pit bull ever entered our minds.


Everyday Heroes: Shelter Workers


They stand at the doorway each morning and take a deep breath. The dogs, recognizing that they’re no longer alone, have erupted in a cacophony of demands for food, bathroom breaks, attention. Overwhelmed by the noise, hearts pounding, trying to pick a direction to go in first, they say, “I’m coming just as fast as I can everybody. I love you all this morning.” And then they start running.