AKC Opens the Door


The American Kennel Club’s Canine Partners is a program for all dogs including mixes and breeds not currently recognized by AKC. As long as they are spayed or neutered, all dogs can compete in AKC agility, obedience and rally trials as well as the new coursing ability tests.


Leaping Above the Odds


Echo was born in a high-kill shelter in Salinas, Calif. When he was a day old, his entire family was pulled and placed in foster care. About three months later, he was adopted. His new family noticed something was wrong though. When they realized that Echo couldn’t hear, they promptly returned him.


Underdog to Superstar


What happens when you give a high performance athlete a positive outlet and the skills to channel their drive and determination? A champion is born!


Fishing for Pit Bulls


Sizzle reaches new heights and flies into our hearts By Cyndi Tadehara When my friend Melissa suggested I foster a hyper pit bull named Sizzle, I must admit I had some reservations. Sizzle had been at the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter for about six months and was bouncing off the walls there. But there […]


Flying Pit Bulls


We asked our Facebook fans to post photos of their flying pit bulls. And you sure did. Enjoy! Thanks everyone for sharing your incredible photos!


A Throw for the Dice


When I first saw the white dog in the high-kill shelter, he was spinning in tight circles, drooling and panting. It was 2001, and the dog was skin and bones – barely 25 pounds. He had wounds all over his body and scarring on his face. His cage card had a hand-written note reading “Owners contacted, will not pick up” – along with a large red “PTS” (put to sleep) and the previous day’s date.


Big Mama Jubilee


When my friend Nancy stopped her car in a city near Albany, New York, to help a stray pit bull, I never suspected that five months later I would adopt that same beautiful white and brown dog.


Abandoned Pup Becomes National Champ


This stray puppy, has seen the U.S., traveling around the country, placing in the UFO national finals and competing in canine disc competitions.