Rescue Pit Bull Mix Becomes Top Obedience Trial Contender

By: Penny Leigh, AKC Canine Partners Program Manager When Carmen Wille set out on a search to adopt a new dog, her husband gave her just one requirement: No Pit Bulls or Pit Mixes. But the dog that tugged at her heart at the Sacramento County Animal Care shelter was a young brindle Pit Bull […]


Teenager Excels at AKC Agility with Her Rescue Dog

By: Penny Leigh, AKC Canine Partners Program Manager JuliAnna Munden is a lifelong dog lover, but training classes and competitions never occurred to her. A bark in her backyard changed all that. One day five years ago, JuliAnna was trying to study but a persistent bark outside her home in Pasco, WA, kept interrupting. “I […]


The Pit Bull Who Inspired a Book


I’ve always thought that Wallace’s story was a book waiting to happen. Wallace has faced an onslaught of obstacles throughout his life. He doesn’t simply endure them, he faces them with joyful abandon. He doesn’t know he’s supposed to fail, and as a result has achieved more than anybody thought was possible – a true underdog story in every aspect.

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Nosing Around


We met Juliet in December 2008, after our pit bull Tiki passed away. We donated her cancer medication to The Pet Rescue Center, and they asked if we would like to foster Juliet. She had been living at The Pet Rescue Center for nine months and had not found a home. Less than a month later, we were failed foster parents.

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Does Your Dog Participate in Agility or Other Athletic Events?

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We asked our Facebook fans, Do you participate in agility, fly ball, dock jumping, or any other athletic event with your dog? How did you get involved and what do you love about being able to enjoy these events with your dog?

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The Pit Bull That Never Quits


With a pit bull loving nature, I already wanted to keep her. I had never had a pit bull in my life and had always wanted one. This was my chance. When my parents got home, I asked if I could keep her and the puppy.

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The Little Puppy Who Could


Brom is my special boy. Brom came to me at Thanksgiving four years ago. Both of us have a lot to be thankful for too. A plea for help came across my MySpace account. An adorable 2-day-old pit bull puppy had been left on someone’s doorstep.

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Misty Makes a Splash


I first came across Misty in 2004 when she was only 8 weeks old. Her first human was a backyard breeder who gave her to a well-meaning man who unfortunately was unable to keep her.

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Jump, Annie, Jump!


Annie is the daughter of two AKC champions and the product of many hopes and dreams. I have to admit that she had me from her first breath. In her first year of life, she breezed through her AKC championship, failed her CGC a few times (sitting still is not her forte), and endeared herself to everyone she met (including the Rescue Ink guys at the Northern Virginia Pet Expo).


Do You Participate in any Canine Sports with Your Dogs?


This month we focused on pit bulls as athletes, so we asked our Facebook fans, Do you participate in any canine sports with your dogs, such as weight pull, dock diving, canine disc, flyball, or lure coursing?