Creating Safe Communities

Pit Bulls by the Numbers: A look at the facts surrounding faulty pit bull ‘statistics’.

When Dogs Bite: Author and researcher Karen Delise shares her thoughts on dog bites and the media.

Checklist for a Dangerous Dog: A reference checklist for the ingredients that, when mixed together, have the potential to create dangerous dogs.

12 Reasons to Oppose Breed-Discriminatory Legislation: A comprehensive look at why discriminatory dog laws are not the answer.

In Hiding: Escaping a life in the dark when a town banned pit bulls.

Service, Freedom & Pit Bulls: A veteran speaks out against breed-discriminatory laws.

The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression by Karen Delise.

Dog Care and Training

A Tale of Two Therapy Dogs: Are therapy dogs born or made?

Dog Aggression or Leash Reactivity: From Our Pack, Inc. on responsible dog ownership.

Fostering Jagger : When it came to integrating a fight-bust dog into his new home, slow and steady won the race.

How to be a Pit Bull Ambassador: Steps on how your pit bull can change perceptions.

Pit Bull-Friendly Housing

Tips for finding pit bull-friendly housing and insurance: Breed-based discrimination can make the search for housing a long and difficult task.

Sample letter to property managers

Sample dog resume for potential landlords

Breed Discrimination by Insurance Companies

Psychology and Insights

Getting Hit by a Car to Avoid a Dog: Human fears and perceptions are not always logical.

Knowing Them is Loving Them: How our unconscious associations drive discrimination toward dogs.

Pit Bull Discrimination – How Much is the Media to Blame? Pit bull attacks sell papers…other dogs don’t.

Evolution of a Bad Rap: Author shares her theory on how pit bulls got into their current predicament.