Doggie Resume for Landlords


BUBBA: I’m the older brother!

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I’m a pit bull terrier like dog, about 6 years old, and was adopted from the Louisiana SPCA in 2011.  I received a 97 (A+) on my temperament test!  My mom met someone last year and the best part is that now I have a little brother and sister!

  • Aliases: Bubby, Bubbs, Bubbaboo
  • Hobbies: snuggling with my siblings (and my humans!), being a couch potato, swimming
  • Training History:
    • X
    • Y
    • (include formal classes and informal training at home)
  • Doggie Day Care and Boarding:
    • include any special notes that your dog has received – some daycares like to give “report cards” so include some of his best ones
    • Example: Bubba was a star at his day care! A true staff favorite, he was even their facebook cover photo for several months!
  • Veterinary References:
    • A
    • B
  • Previous Landlords:
    • This one is MOST IMPORTANT!
    • Give as many as you can, and make sure you notify them so they can expect a call


CLYDE & GRACE: We’re the little brother and sister!

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(Follow same bullet points as above for each animal)



We are all microchipped and neutered/spayed.  We are up to date on all of our shots and take monthly heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives.  We are always walked on leash unless we’re in a designated off-leash area and we love meeting new human and canine friends!


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Dad is X and mom is X.  They take us hiking on the weekends and out on play dates so we won’t have pent up energy while indoors.   They wake up extra early to make sure we get a nice walk in the morning and feed us yummy food.  They miss us when we’re not around so we even get to go on vacation with them!  We’re just crazy about them!