10 Favorite Quotes from this “Rediscover the Pit Bull” TEDx Talk

April 17, 2016  

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Watch the full Talk here.

1. “Because dogs are individuals. Dogs aren’t their breed. Dogs aren’t their past. It’s not ‘how they’re raised.’ Gigi’s proof of that –  she wasn’t raised to be a therapy dog, she was just finally given the opportunity to be who she is, who she’s always been.”


2. “The size of my dog’s head, the width of his shoulders, or any other physical feature he exhibits, no more determines his personality than the color of my hair determines mine.”

3. “That’s why nearly half the states already have laws prohibiting their cities and towns from passing breed specific legislation. That’s why the federal government has spoken out against breed specific legislation.”

states with preemption

4. “Controlled studies have never been able to identify the pit bull type group as disproportionately dangerous. Studies from all over the world, none have been able to show pit bulls types have a higher propensity for aggressiveness.”

5. “And those everyday families with their everyday family dogs are the ones who really suffer from these breed laws, from the perceptions, from the fears.”

gigi individuals

6. “Even testimony from people who have witnessed dog fighting say that when survivors are removed, they’re never aggressive with their owners. The same owners who drugged and brutalized them earlier that day before throwing them in the ring. And he did that for money. He did it for power. For ego. For greed.”

7. “We’re talking about dogs who have seen the worst of human nature, who have no reason to trust us, who have been betrayed over and over again by people, and yet – not only do they WANT to be with us, they want to HEAL us, they turn around and become therapy dogs, visiting our hospitals and nursing homes, they heal our veterans suffering from PTSD, they serve in childhood reading programs in libraries, they help make us WHOLE again.”

they heal us

8. “Even with all the odds stacked against them, all the misconceptions, all the fears, these dogs break all of that down –  like gentle giants –  not with force, but with love and patience and trust.”

9. “These dogs change our lives. Their capacity for forgiveness, for unconditional love, for starting over, makes us want to do better. Be better. Speak up. Fight injustice.”

10. “So if you haven’t spent any time with a pit bull type dog, go meet one. You’ll see he’s not so scary. He’ll want to lick your face, and he probably wants his butt scratched. Because he’s just a dog. He doesn’t understand why people fear him. And soon, neither will you.”



Watch the Talk here.


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