Mr. and Ms. July: Meet Bauer and Banjo!

September 2, 2015  

By: Lillian Aguinaga


Banjo and Bauer are best buds! Banjo is an active growing puppy who absolutely loves the water. She became part of our close family recently when she planted herself on my A.R.’s (my father-in-law’s) porch. She must have known that A.R. wouldn’t be able to say no to that lovable face and a bond was formed almost instantly. Banjo keeps A.R. company everyday, whether it be at his office or his lakehouse. Bauer, adopted from the Memphis pound in Oct. 2012, is our (Adam and I) goofy little short stack. He loves doing tricks for treats and keeps me company in the studio (Painted Paws Studio) most days. When Banjo and Bauer get together, rugs are shifted, toys become scattered, and lots of smiles happen!


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