Meet Pixie and her Puppies!

August 7, 2015  

Pixie-06 (2)Get ready to have your heart stolen by Pixie! This 35 lb., short statured girl quickly charms everyone she meets with her lovable personality. A friend to everybody, she gets along well with other dogs, too. Sweet, gentle and a total lap dog, she is sure to make a wonderful addition to one very lucky family.

The Pet Rescue Center team spotted Pixie at a high kill shelter where she was at risk of euthanasia. Hers was an especially critical pull because Pixie was very pregnant and the shelter’s space and resources are quite limited. We knew her chances of being kept alive long enough to give birth, wean her puppies, and find a home of her own were pretty slim. One look at little Pixie’s gentle face was all it took, and after being carried out of the shelter, back to our center she came.

pixie2Pixie gave birth to her puppies on July 30th. After the pups are weaned and ready to find homes of their own, it will finally be Pixie’s turn to become the amazing family pet we know she can be. From the shelter to The Pet Rescue Center to becoming a new mommy, it has been a whirlwind journey for adorable Pixie and she has taken it all in stride. She truly deserves a warm bed and a safe home of her very own.

Pixie walks well on leash and is housetrained. She is very smart and very food motivated so training will not be an issue. If you’d like to be her rescue hero please contact us today at Also, visit us on Facebook.


pixie puppy

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One Response to “Meet Pixie and her Puppies!”
  1. LISA EZYK says:

    I would like to know about pixie if she will go up for adoption, and does she like cats and a very small senior dog female thanks