Dogs Saving Dogs: Cleo

March 11, 2015  


By: Keith Wertsching

When I decided to start Dogs Saving Dogs, I knew that there would be stories that would break my heart, to the point where I would lose it and cry like a baby.  I also knew that there would be dogs whose courage in the face of ultimate cruelty would inspire me and make it all worth it.  Cleo, the 1 year old Pitbull Mix rescued by AMA Animal Rescue, was a rare example of both.

We aren’t sure where Cleo came from.  If she had a home, it apparently didn’t last, because she was found in the middle of the street after being hit by a car.  The person who hit her did not stop to help her, nor did anyone else, until animal services came and picked her up.  Being a stray, she was brought to the kill-shelter in Brooklyn.

cleo1Do the math: an injured Pitbull Mix in a crowded, high-kill shelter in Brooklyn, New York.  She had a short window of time to find someone with a big enough heart to open up their home to her.  Luckily, the wonderful ladies from AMA Animal Rescue found her before her time was up, and they brought her out of there immediately.

Under their care, Cleo is healing and learning how to love and behave in a family.  She is so young, only 1 year old, with so much love left to give.  When Declan and I heard her story, we knew we had to help.  She became the first dog that we sponsor through Dogs Saving Dogs outside of Indiana, and we are so happy to be a part of her journey.  She is such a wonderful, loving survivor and we’re proud to help give her a chance at living a happy and healthy life.

If you are interested in helping us support Cleo, click here.

And if you are in the Brooklyn area and want more information on giving Cleo a loving home, please visit the AMA Animal Rescue website here.

cleo2Dogs Saving Dogs was founded by two college students with the promise to create jewelry that uniquely expresses the beauty and courage of homeless pets, and raises money to protect them until they can be fostered or adopted. Our commitment to engraved, quality jewelry comes from our desire to create lasting and timeless art that has a positive impact on all stakeholders.  Find them on Facebook here.

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