The Mighty Finn

February 16, 2015  

“We hope that by sharing Finn’s story people will realize that dogs from cruelty and neglect cases, including dogfighting cases, deserve a chance.” – Andrea Kilkenny

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Have you met The Mighty Finn yet? He’s a #367 Survivor, which means he was one of the 367 dogs rescued from one of the worst dog fighting and cruelty cases in history. But that is all behind him now, and life is good!

Finn4 copyFinn grew up on a chain in a yard with lots of other dogs. He was rescued by the ASPCA and was eventually transferred to a wonderful rescue, Plenty of Pit Bulls (click here for our feature on Plenty of Pit Bulls – we LOVE them!). A lovely foster family prepared Finn for his new forever family, made up of 3 other dogs, 2 cats, and 2 humans.

Finn LOVES playing with other dogs and even just hanging out with other dogs.  And cats, he loves cats! Given where he comes from, it’s a wonderful reminder that dogs are individuals, and their past alone does not determine their future.

Finn6 copyFinn enjoys his neighborhood walks, and people always stop to visit with him while on his walk – there’s just something about his face and expression – people want to meet him. Finn’s walks often get stretched much longer than planned because strangers always stop to say hello. As one woman said, when she met him at a holiday photo fundraiser at a coffee shop, “there’s just something about his eyes, his face is so warm and inviting.”

The first time Finn saw the beach, he was in heaven. He loved zooming around on the sand, digging huge sand pits, and snoozing in the sun. He really enjoys meeting new people and other dogs, so going to work at his mom’s training business, Our Gang Pet Services, is one of his favorite things.

Finn5Finn is working on his obedience skills so that he can hopefully become a therapy dog some day, and also assist with demos for classes and workshops at Our Gang. Actually, he’s already been a helper dog for some of Our Gang’s shy dog clients, and also a neutral dog for some of the reactive dog clients. Even though Finn’s rescue and foster parents knew how sweet he was, no one knew what potential he had to become a helper dog.  When Andrea and John adopted Finn, they did not adopt him for any other reason than they wanted to give a dog a home.  Finn was shy, and still can be in new situations, but his love of people and particularly of dogs, is what has helped him gain confidence to try new things.  Living with other dogs has really helped him, and his confidence has grown in leaps and bounds.  His new family thinks it’s icing on the cake that Finn can “pay it forward” to help other dogs.

Finn3 copyMake sure you follow The Mighty Finn on Facebook to see all of his adventures as he explores his new world and enjoys his days, living the good life!

You can also read about Finn and some of the other #367 dogs who have been adopted here.



“He is a really wonderful dog and continues to surprise us with all of the  things he is learning and doing.” – Andrea Kilkenny

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Finn’s Mom, Andrea Kilkenny, is the wonderful Certified Professional Dog Trainer behind Our Gang Pet Services, a pet training business in Bergen County, NJ that is committed to the use of positive reinforcement. “Through application of positive reinforcement and operant conditioning, we believe you can encourage your pet to engage in many desirable behaviors and eliminate problematic ones. Animals learn best when they are motivated to perform, when the expectations are clear, when learning is fun, and consistency is provided.” Make sure to keep up with Our Gang on their website, blog, Facebook, and YouTube.

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6 Responses to “The Mighty Finn”
  1. Vivian says:

    I’ve met “The Mighty Finn” in person and can attest to his wonderful spirit and lovely personality. He is a lovebug and I’m so happy he’s doing great in a loving home. Hoping there comes a day when these stories are part of the past.

    • adrienne clegg says:

      We can all dream of a day when we no longer need to advocate, rescue and educate. Finn is living proof that dogs are individuals.

  2. Terrys Mom says:

    Love the heart warming story, more need to be told! Thanks for sharing, best of luck to Finn.

  3. Reggie Moses says:

    These are very special dogs of a very special breed.
    I outta know, I have 2 Pitbbulls that I love dearly.
    I didn’t rescue these dogs, they rescued me……

  4. Marlene says:

    Aw Finn is beautiful. I’m glad he is in a loving home.

  5. Jerry Edelman says:

    What a wonderful testament to the fact that ALL LIVES MATTER. And they ALL deserve a chance to live the life that g-d intended for them..