Aurora: Vote YES on 2D

October 27, 2014  

By: ColoRADogs

Currently in Colorado, we have a ballot measure to repeal breed specific legislation.

Measure 2D, in Aurora, Colorado, would effectively lift the ban of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffies and English Staffy Bulls, and allow family pets to come home. While nothing can erase the lives lost due to breed discrimination, we are hopeful that the passage of 2D can open a dialogue with surrounding cities such as Denver. We believe it’s time to address public safety by using breed neutral legislation to address reckless owners.

mollywouldbanmetoo1Recently, Aurora Councilwoman Molly Markert confirmed publicly what people have written about for many decades and what we have asserted locally: that breed specific legislation has little to do with the dogs and much more to do with the social disapproval of a perceived group of people who own the dogs. See exactly what she had to say here.  In response to Ms. Markert’s remarks, we have started a Facebook trend #coloradogs #mollywouldbanmetoo. We are encouraging people to post a picture of themselves with their dogs and hastag them with the above.

We recognize that the history of advocacy on both sides of the issue have been filled with both positive and horrible negative comments. We ask that before posting, you consider the residents of Aurora and those affected by BSL. They and their dogs are depending on us to represent them in the best way possible. Vitriol never changes anything.

mollywouldbanmetoo2Please post your pictures and send good juju to the dog lovers of Aurora, CO along with others in the state who are hoping for a ruling that will help further conversations about repeal. We cannot say if we will win repeal but we have won the conversation already by changing what it means to advocate for our dogs and their people.

We will be keeping everyone up to date at our Facebook site ColoRADogs.

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