Tubby: Spayed & Fabulous!

July 11, 2014  


Tubby is a 5 year old Pit bull Diva! She has Epilepsy and two back legs that required multiple surgeries. She has had Epilepsy since she was one and would have seizures up to 5-8 times a week. She was immediately put on medicine and that helped for a while, but the seizure monster still occasionally comes by. She has also undergone 3 surgeries on her back legs. She will have to undergo 1 more surgery for one of her legs. All together this sweet baby has spent a whole year of her life on bed rest, but she is the most caring, loving, affectionate, kind-hearted little pibble and she never lets her disabilities slow her down. She has a family that loves her more than words could ever say, including four furry siblings, one human sister, and a Facebook family that has grown to love her just as if she was their own.

Tubby3 Tubby always makes sure that everyone around her is okay. Whenever my poor girl will have one of her seizures she will come to me and give me a kiss as soon as she comes out of it, just to make sure I’m ok, and to let me know that she’s ok. No matter how much pain she might be in because of her legs, she will still come give me the biggest kiss to let me know that she’s going to be ok.

We brought Tubby home the same day I found out I was having Trinity (Tubby’s little human “seester”). She is such a blessing in my life and has been by my side through the happiest times, as well as through some of the roughest times. She truly is my best friend. I am so blessed that Tubby chose me to be her Momma and to go through this journey of life with her. I promised her that I will always take care of her and love her. That is the one promise I will never break.

I am honored to be able to share Tubby’s story, help Tubby be a Spokesdoggie for all of the special needs animals out there and for being Spayed & Fabulous, help prove all of the negative stereotypes for pit bulls are wrong, and to help be a voice for the voiceless! I absolutely love that my girl Tubby helps so many people with her silly, fun, sassy, diva personality that she has. She absolutely loves dressing up and being a diva! Her Smile can change minds and brighten days!

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3 Responses to “Tubby: Spayed & Fabulous!”
  1. Carolynne Palmer says:

    Love Tubby been her friend for over a year.

    We Love you love Aunty and Millie Dog.

  2. MsPhillyG says:

    She is so adorable…I wish I could give her a ton of kisses and hugs like I do to my Pibble and Pibble mix. What a beautiful snuggleball and I wish wish wish for her to be well even though her disability doesn’t slow her down. I am so glad she has such a beautiful loving amazing family to care and love her. Every Pit Bull family is my family and I love you guys regardless of we never meet in person. Love you guys…to pieces

    Yvonne, Prada and Goldie

  3. Marlene says:

    Aw Tubby is a beautiful and a very special dog.