Raindog: Just Dogs Project

July 20, 2014  

By: Jenny, Raindog Photography


My dog Rain has no idea that she’s part “pit bull.” She just lives her life, doing dog stuff, being a good girl mostly. She’s afraid of raised voices and cat claws, she loves to bask in the afternoon sun and chase squirrels and give kisses to special friends. She runs and barks in her sleep and has a complicated relationship with the mailman. She would be totally shocked to find out that she’s part of a group of dogs (not a breed since “pit bull” type dogs are a mix of several breeds of dog) that is often feared, sometimes hated and is routinely discriminated against. She would wonder what the heck she’d done to deserve all that. She’s just a dog!

shilohhugWith the Just Dogs Project, I hope to represent and celebrate responsible dog guardianship, and the beautiful relationships that people and dogs are capable of, regardless of their origins or creed. I plan to do this with beautiful, intimate documentary photography. I believe that, like people, dogs deserve to be recognized as individuals, not lumped into random groups considered “dangerous” because of their appearance. I think that breed specific legislation and breed bans and discriminatory practices, no matter which breeds are involved, are hurtful to dogs and people and are not effective in keeping anyone safer or happier.

I am currently accepting submissions of dogs and people to be included in this photo project. I want to highlight the relationships between dogs and their people. I am looking for dogs who represent a wide range of personalities, who are involved in interesting activities, who have special relationships with the people in their lives, or who contribute in a positive way to their communities. The most commonly discriminated against dogs at present are “pit bull” type dogs, but I’m interested in photographing other misunderstood breeds as well – akitas, rottweilers, chow chows, dobermans, etc., along with their guardians and favorite people.

IMG_3145Once I have a variety of images, in addition to displaying them on this website, I plan to have a gallery show or shows, then eventually look into publishing a book. Photo shoots will be free to participants, and will last anywhere from 1 hour to a whole day, depending on the activity/location being portrayed. For now, shoots will happen only in the Seattle area. I am utilizing both digital and analog/film cameras for this project, so turnaround times for images will vary. Participants will be given access to a gallery from which they can download images or buy prints. Each shoot will be accompanied by a model and property release, and I will retain all rights to the resultant images. Please see the “submit your dog” page for an email submission form, and feel free to contact me anytime with questions. Also, check out our Facebook page for the latest shoots and news!


Jenny, Raindog Photography

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