If You Don’t Know Ruby, You Should!

May 12, 2014  


“The journey of Ruby, who was found emaciated and abandoned as a pup, is worthy of Hollywood. It’s a story of rebirth and love that we can all learn from… Nothing short of spectacular… I loved these books!”  William Hageman, The Chicago Tribune

Waste not one life… You never know…

By: Pat Bettendorf

Ruby was only going to stay with us a short while until a good, loving forever family came along for her. Of course, she had other ideas and quickly put her plan into action. She was so funny, so sweet, so cute and so smart, we thought it shouldn’t take long for her to find a forever home, and it didn’t. She managed to work her way into our hearts in no time at all and we knew she had found her forever family……Ours.   And so it began……
Anyone who is a “Foster Failure” as we are known, can certainly relate. We have a family of failed fosters called “The Tribe”, and wouldn’t change it for anything.

Never could we have imagined where this journey with Ruby would lead. Ruby’s life has been a wild, at times breathtaking, ride and we have had the honor of sharing it with her. Oh, there have been some rough bumps and twists along the way, but through it all we never lost sight of our mission. To show by example, that Pit Bulls, are inherently good dogs. Ruby has worked as a therapy dog with senior citizens, hospice patients, special needs children and students. Ruby and I, along with my wife Lynn and daughter Sadie are actively “out there” continuing to educate and advocate for the breed. One of Ruby’s adventures, she performed in a professional production “Of Mice and Men” which included matinee performances for inner city teens. What a fun revelation for them to see a Pittie in a very different light. Ruby was flown to Hollywood and appeared on a national television show. She also eventually appeared on Milk-Bone boxes worldwide. There are plenty more of these crazy adventures, as you will read in her two books “Ruby’s Tale” and “Ruby’s Road”. Of course, Ruby’s protégé Sugar and the rest of The Tribe are included!

Ruby 3Ruby’s two books, Ruby’s Tale & Ruby’s Road (late 2010 & late 2013) chronicle her meteoric rise from starving pup to Pit Bull Ambassadog with fans around the globe. The thousands of miles spent crisscrossing America by plane or van for more than 70 book signing events or personal appearances have created memories that will linger ‘till my last breath and I share many of them in the books. Meeting so many wonderful folks, each with a tale of their own dog(s) to share. Their kindness and generosity has been stunning.

But let Ruby’s true legacy be more than adventures and clamor. It’s all about saving lives….Giving these incredible little furry beings a chance to live, to love, to reach their potential. Ruby does her part by visiting schools and helping the next generation learn how important it is to be kind to animals and to not discriminate against anyone based on how they may look. We’ve helped Ruby do this by donating her books to different fundraisers and rescue groups.  Just this year we’ve donated over 200 books!

Sure Ruby is a good dog, she’s a very lucky dog, but she isn’t the only dog with lessons to teach, prejudice to change and love to give.  There are countless Pitties out there that are owned by good, loving people who may take a different path with their own furry love bug. Thing is, we all work together to weave a positive fabric for all of America to see. Remember, actions are always louder than words. Adopt-Foster-volunteer…..get out there!

I hope you will join us on our journey, and enjoy sharing in our adventures while reading Ruby’s Tale and Ruby’s Road. We would love to hear from you and your adventures, so join us on Facebook and check out our website.

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